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Anyone birthing at a birth center?

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I can't remember if we discussed this before... but is anyone going to be at a birth center this birth?


I know we have quite a few home birth mamas and some mamas going to a hospital.


I will be at the birth center and will be going home about 6 hours after the birth. Anyone else? What are you bringing with you, since it's only a few hours? 



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We'll be birthing at a birthing suite, so not quite the same, but similar. It is in the home of a doula and we can stay there for up to 24 hours after the birth if we want to. All of the birthing supplies are provided so mostly we're bringing stuff for DH and I, and stuff for the baby. Movies, music, food, drinks, clothes for DH and I, and a basic baby kit. In a lot of ways we're packing as if we were going to the hospital I guess. The only thing extra we're planning to bring is an exercise ball as there isn't one at the suite and I don't know if I'll want to sit on one or not.
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I'm going to a birth center, too. I'm supposed to bring a towel, my own toiletries for showering n' stuff, baby stuff, socks - stuff to be comfy in. Will probably cart our fan there, too (recommended by a mama who birthed there in May and said it got stuffy), and foodies, RRL iced tea, my new Boppy, a pillow from home maybe. We can stay 24 hours.


In fact today I was connected with a friend of a friend who might be our ride there - who knows what will happen or what time I'll need to go - but in case I can't ride with the midwife intern, or my doula isn't here & the truck is not reliable... anyway, made arrangements for a nearby friend to come at a moment's notice! The ride is about 40 minutes on a good day! Feels good to start covering these bases since time is a-ticking!

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We're going to a birthing center in the hospital

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I'm going to a birthing center too- only about 20 min. from my house, we can stay up to 24 hours.  I had my first baby there 6 years ago!  They have pretty much everything from tubs to balls, etc., so really we are packing as if going to the hospital.  The only extras will be camera, snacks and drinks.

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I'm having my baby at an independent birthing center about 20 minutes from my house, where we will stay 4-6 hours after the birth as long as everything is ok. They have all the birthing supplies, including birthing balls and stuff, so we are just taking clothes and food, mostly. Here's my list: 



Wear to the birthing center:

Black skirt

Keen sandals


Have in the car:

Dark pink towels (in case my water breaks in the car)

Installed car seat


Diaper bag:

Baby’s lightweight shirt and pants set

Baby’s side-snap t-shirt and diaper cover (in case it’s too hot for the shirt and pants)

Baby’s white hat

Three size newborn disposable diapers (the birthing center provides diapers, but I don't know if they are the kind I want to use)

Burp cloth


My bag:

Delivery gown and headband - got an awesome one!: http://www.stellamaternity.com/pp-organic.html

Black nightgown to wear after delivery

Two pairs of black underwear


Black pants, nursing top, and nursing bra to wear home

Breast pads

Maxi pads

Squirt bottle

Toothbrush, toothpaste, and mouthwash

Shampoo and conditioner

Hair cream



Coconut water

Luna protein bars



Cheese and rackers


Champagne and glasses


Video camera

Small digital camera


That's all I can think of. We are having childbirth classes at the birthing center, and we discussed what to bring at the first class, and I don't think I've left anything out. But if you think of something else, please post! This is my first baby. 

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Ooh, great list! That nightgown is sooo cute!



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I've been to a birthing center for 3 of my 4 births.  We've stayed for anywhere between 2-5 hours after the birth.  Here's my list of what I always took with me:


-Soothing music

-Birthing clothes

-After birth clothes, like comfy yoga pants and a roomy t-shirt


-Food, we did lasagna once, pizza once, and just simple stuff like Lara bars and crackers the last time.  You'll be hungry afterwards though and will probably want something to eat.  Also if you think you might have a long labor, easy, light stuff to much on throughout the day/night, such as grapes, saltines, coconut water, tea, juice, etc.

-Book for your husband, in case he's bored and you aren't needing him.

-Diapers for baby

-Clothes and blankets for baby

-Carseat, of course.



The first time, I took much more than that, but by the last time I knew I'd only be there a few hours and also knew I wouldn't use half the other things I had taken previously, so that's about all I took the last time.

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Added to my list: 


massage oil base/essential oil 

swim trunks for DH

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