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Normal For Nightime Pee Diapers to Stink Horribly?

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I often use pocket diapers at nightime because they are fairly easy to put on in the dark, and seem to be the least likely to leak between changes.  But it seems when I take these off of ds, they absolutely REEK!  UGH!  The diapers smell clean when they are freshly out of the drier, but when ds has peed in them, YIKES!  I'm not sure if it is mostly because at night he might be in the wet diaper for awhile, whereas in the daytime I change him when he's even a speck wet.  Sometimes I notice though that his pee-only diapers are super stinky when I'm changing him even in the day, and it seems that it is mostly has something to do with the pocket diapers, and the PUL wraps. I used to keep him in nothing but a Motherease Sandy's at night, and lay him on a thick blanket and I didn't notice any nasty smell, but I hated always having to wash sheets every single night.  So is it normal for pee to stink in a diaper after sitting more than a few minutes, or does it mean the diapers are not getting clean?

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Nighttime diapers can get really stinky, but since you are using pockets, you can fix them simply by just bleaching the inserts to kill anything growing in there.  For maintenance, I rinse all nighttime diapers in a lot of cold water in the morning before putting them in the pail.

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My pocket dipes were getting REALLY stinky there for a while (especially at night).  I think that in my case, they weren't really getting clean enough; as soon as DD would pee, they were really smelly.  I'm not positive about all the factors at work there, but here's what solved it for me:


  • started using a bit more detergent per wash
  • switched laundry soap (Giant Eagle's generic free & clear actually works great for us --  I think I was using Soap Nuts before and they were NOT good for diapers at ALL)
  • instead of wash hot/rinse cold, I started washing hot/rinsing warm. 
  • add a squirt of Dawn with wash cycle at least every other time I wash -- seems to help them rinse cleaner in our hard water.


This combination seems to get the diapers much cleaner; we don't have stink problems anymore.  Now if we could just find a nighttime diaper she won't leak through...!

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We were having the stink problem especially with overnight diapers.  We switched from polyester microfiber liners to unbleached cotton prefolds stuffed in the pocket and either a hemp or bamboo doubler on top.  Works well overnight (no changing from 7pm to 7am) and doesn't stink in the morning!

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