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Question about weight gain with twins.

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Hello, I am stopping in from the August DDC to seek some reassurance about weight gain from other twin mamas. I am 30 weeks along with Di/Di girls. So far in my pregnancy I have gained 25-27 pounds. I am feeling like that is a little low, but every ultrasound I have had so far shows nothing but healthy babies and a healthy me. I think I'm just starting to feel a little nervous because I seem to put on weight in spurts and I haven't gained any in a couple weeks. I eat well and feel fine!


How much did you gain with your twin pregnancy? Did you feel like it was enough? Too little? Also, if you remember how your weight gain increased in the third trimester, that would be helpful too.




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More than half my weight gain was in the last trimester. I gained 35-40 pounds and I feel like it was a good, healthy weight. I also started out about 35 pounds overweight. My twins were born at 38 weeks and were 6 pounds, and 6 pounds 5 oz. They came home with me 3 days postpartum and have been very healthy. :)

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I gained about 45 lbs which was actually pretty equivalent to my singleton pregnancies. I had a hard time putting on weight in the last few months, but my twins were 7 12 and 6 8 at 38 weeks.
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I gained 50 lbs exactly, but not much in the first tri, so it was split between the last two. I carried to 37.5 weeks and the boys were 6lb-5oz and 6lb-11oz.
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I gained 31 pounds but I know I lost some from my arms and legs and put that on my belly as well I was a bit overweight at 171 pound & 5'7" to start. My twins were 5-3 and 5-10 when they were born at 36 weeks. I wish I had gained a bit more, I worried a lot when it slowed down in the end, I was gaining a pound a week till about week 25, then i started falling behind that goal. I also think i drained it off the rest of my body cause they needed it. It's nice now cause I weight 20 pounds less than my pre pregnancy weight at 5 months PP, but I always wonder if I had gained a bit more I might have carried them longer and not gone into labor, who knows. They were wonderfully healthy so I have no retreats in the big picture.
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I meant add, I resorted to bacon-double-cheeseburgers to add weight at the end. 2-3 per week! But then, I craved them like crazy, so it wasn't hard. smile.gif
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I have gained just about 30 pounds and did not start to put that on until the last trimester.  Although I was pretty heavy to start with (250) so I attributed my lack of weight gain to that since I knew I was eating enough.  All my pregnancyies were like that though where I did not put on weight until the end. 

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I am currently 24 weeks with boy/girl twins. I have gained 12 lbs to date. I am not worried, nor are the Drs as I started out over weight. With my DS I gained 35lbs I think, so I am sure it will be comparable once I get further along. There has been no mention of my weight gain until I went to the MFM Dr on Friday and the nurse said "wow, in a month you have only gained one pound" The Dr said that as long as I am eating healthy, and the twins are gaining there ins't anything to worry about.  I think it also has something to do with the fact that I am chasing around DS who will be 2 in August.

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I gained about 45 pounds with my twins, who were born at just short of 37 weeks. I wish I'd gained more. I gained most of it in the first two trimesters-- I was averaging about a pound a week. I was eating a very high-protein diet, and eating four meals a day, to sustain that weight gain. But in the third trimester, I was on bedrest, and the lack of activity meant I had very little appetite for food. Plus, I had horrible heartburn, and I could only eat tiny amounts at any one time. I gained nothing after 32 weeks.

The reason I wish I'd gained more is that my twins were small for gestational age, and by the time they were born, the rest of my body was kind of emaciated, and I lost even more weight while breastfeeding. I was thin to start with, and I think I really needed more weight reserves. If I'd started out with extra weight, I wouldn't have thought it was such a concern.

I gained 65 pounds with my singleton, just as a comparison. She was average-sized.
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I started out at about 110 pounds and gained 35 pounds.  My babies were born at 37 weeks and were 6/ 4oz and 6/ 7 oz.

I think I had gained about the same as you by 30 weeks.


Weight gain is just a helpful indicator for doctors.  It's more "what" you're eating than just how much you gain.  I got a lot of advise from the hospital staff (I was there on bedrest a couple weeks) to eat high protein, especially lots of milk  (they said that to me because I'm a milk hater I'm sure).


I was very comfortable that I didn't gain a ton.  I had a big belly full of healthy babies.  We left the hospital 24 hours after they were born.


Now... what to do with all that extra skin!!!  Perhaps a topic for another day!

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Here was my weight gain:

# of weeks:   weight gain/week

14                   1

16                   2

18                   3.2

20                   1.4

22                   3.2

24                   1.5

26                   3.1

28                   2.8

33                   2.0

39                   2.7


I gained a total of 65 pounds, with almost half og that being in the last trimester.


If you are eating when you're hungry, and eating a well-balanced diet, you shouldn't have anything to worry about.


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I think I gained around 30lbs or so.  It was weird b/c I actually felt and looked like I was thinner in my body than I was before I got pg.  I guess it went right to the babies because I was thinner after they were born--now, not so much :(

He was 6 lbs 15 oz

She was 5 lbs 13 oz


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I gained 30-35# and delivered at 39w3d. Most of my gain was in the thrid trimester and my girls were born at 6#14 and 6#11 most of my gain was baby and fluid. I was actually practically at pre preg. weight when I left the hospital. (not bragging honest!) Don't let that make you think you can wear pre preg. clothes right away tho. :)

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