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Sadly, I say goodbye.

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I had an ultrasound yesterday.  So clearly a blighted ovum.  I opted for the misoprostel to induce a miscarriage.  I know that many of you wouldn't have chosen this, but I want the symptoms gone, I don't want to keep feeling pregnant if there is nothing there.... This is my 2nd blighted ovum, and I can't really process it yet.  I'm numb.  

Anyhow I'm debating taking time off from TTC just to really focus on me, TTC is a rough road for me.  This time took 3 surgeries and lots of fertility drugs and so much money.  (the money is moot, oddly, but the emotional hardship is so much more, and so much harder for me and my family)

I still want baby #3 and I hope a 4 and if I am really lucky a 5, but right now, recovery.

I wish you all wonderful pregnancies and magical births.  Remember, you can always advocate for yourself.  Don't stress over silly little things like what your MIL might say, or how your doctor is an idiot.  It's your body, your birth.  You can do it!  (says the Mama  who had a VBAC, despite many doctors telling her no, and then afterwards most of the nurses thinking Hudson was a vacuum assist because they say the V)


love you all!


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 I'm so sorry. :(  Best wishes...

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Oh I am so sorry.   Be good to yourself mama.  

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Oh I am so sorry.   Be good to yourself mama.  

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hug2.gif to you, so sorry for your loss.

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I'm so sorry for you loss. I wish you luck on your healing.

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So sorry mama. Many healing thoughts sent your way. 

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So sorry for your loss. :( Sending loves your way.

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Oh no, Dea!  I'm so sorry.  Take good care of yourself.

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oh no dea!!  i am so, so sorry to read this news and so sad for your loss.  i'm sending you lots of healing vibes and keeping you in my thoughts.



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Gentle hugs coming your way. hug2.gif

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Much love to you, Dea.

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So sorry to hear!  Take some time to take care and heal yourself.  Best wishes for the future.

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im very sorry for your loss i hope you heal from this and dont totally give up hun

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Love to you, Dea. I remember feeling the exact same way, wanting it to be over.

I wish you all the best at you continue your journey.
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hug2.gif Sorry to hear this Mama. 

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