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chronic cough in the morning......

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it has been more than a month with ds waking up in the morning with this dry chronic cough. it only happens in the morning....before he had some vomiting issues, he would vomit every other month or so, so we saw  an alternative medicine doctor we trust, he prescribed probiotics and no vomiting since then. but this strange cough started. i wonder if they are related. I will talk to him again about this, but just wanted to hear some opinions first. thank you! 

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I obviously can't say reliably what's going on in your case, but with my kids, a morning cough is usually seasonal allergies. They're apparently sensitive to certain pollens and such in spring and fall, and they'll cough in the morning (and have a slight runny nose), but no other time of the day. I dragged them to the GP on two different occasions and he diagnosed it as such.


Perhaps there's something in your environment that he's sensitive to.

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I was thinking the same thing as japonica.  I watched on the news that the allergies are worse this year (I'm in Pennsylvania).  Another thing is this cold that's going around.  The cough lasts for a month or so.  Its terrible.  BUT its an all day cough.  Another thought is something I heard a little bit about before.  I could be wrong but I think I heard or read something about people with having the night time acid reflux or something like that and some sort of connection with coughing.  I'm not sure.  My sister has it really bad and can wake up coughing any time of the night.  You'll have to look further into that one though.  One other thing I can think of is dairy.  If my daughter has more than the occasional serving of dairy, she has some breathing problems at night.  She snores, has excess mucus (which causes coughing), and doesn't sound like she's breathing smoothly at all.  I don't know if there's a connection with that but it surely affects us.  

Good luck with everything.  I hope you get it figured out and he's ok.

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