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Karaite Jews?

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I am a Karaite Jew.  The only synagogue in the US is in Daly City, CA.  There are a few very small groups of Karaites around but not many.   We are what I call a silent tidal wave as we are adding to our numbers at a very steady pace, quietly.  Most of the world's Karaites are in Israel.  Please visit www.karaite-korner.or and www.karaitekonnection.com and www.karaitejudaism.org for more information about us or feel free to contact me at Texaskaraites@gmail.com.




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Dear Deb,

I came across your blog and need help regarding Karaite Jews.  Please let me explain a little about myself.
My name is Clare Vickers,I am a wife and mother of two children, we have been Christians for a long time, but have come away from the church because of what we saw there.(falsehood in all kind of matters).  After praying for the father to lead me in the right path and the desperation of needed to know him 6mths or so later I was miraculously reunited with a lady I went to school with nearly 20 yrs previous who was pursuing conversion from Christianity to Judaism, as a family we were introduce to 'Torah', way of living (which as you can imagine I had never heard of in all my time in church).  Now 3mths in I see no difference in some rabbinical practises and that of Catholicism/Christianity in this I mean outward living that shows the fathers heart, a little confused and still searching yesterday I came across these new well new to me you are in fact the original kind of Jews the Karaite's, I have found a wonderful man who has a website called 'Silver Trumpets' which has me hooked.  Do you know of any Karaite Jews in the UK who can show us how to live Torah correctly?  My friend who I mentioned is pursuing conversion but I feel some of the rabbinical teachings are too much to bare for us especially my young children. Please put yourself in our shoes we do no longer consider ourselves Christians nor are we Jews we just want to live Torah in its real form.

Thank you

Hope you can help and look forward to hearing from you.





P.s. tried to email you is your address correct

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 It may be difficult to find followers, but you can always read this book to guide you until you do: http://www.amazon.com/Introduction-Karaite-Judaism-Theology-Practice/dp/0970077548


Good Luck on Your Journeys!

A. Yaron

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Had to join this site to reply - as you might guess I am not actually a mother although I am a parent!!!  



Clare, have sent you a PM - am in SW UK.



Have followed a similar path away from my christian heritage of a lot of years towards Judaism and more recently Karaism in particular.  Agree it is tricky to find others likeminded in England.


Anyone interested feel free to get in touch.






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there are no Karaite Jews in UK or if they are ,they are  less than 10 people scattered.

There is no form or possibility to Convert here either , because there is no Karaite Beth Din ,

The only two councils  which can make you a  Karaite Jew are in Daly City California US and in Israel.

There are a few Karaites in Lithuania in a organised group , and also some groups in Czech Republic. 

Rest are just isolated people , as far as I know... 

I also have this certainty  of being no more Christian and apparently Jew neither...

... but maybe we prove to God first what and who we are , rather than to people...

There are several synagogues here in London but I don't go to any of them ....

Down in Israel they put more importance on the blood aspect than on the belief aspect..

Karaite is somehow  the most isolated and rejected branch of Judaism and Israel itself , in all aspects , really doesn't support this orientation....

 " Two jews , three synagogues.."... (..!.) ..you know..?

If you want to convert you will have to go to Israel or to California to go through the final ceremony...  


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B,,H! salom ! my name is Iosep. end i,m from north London UK.have followed a similar path away from s d a church.recently i practisize Judaism. without the rabbinical low. golders green.UK

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 Hi folk,  Living in the South West of the UK. 


Looks as if I have been travelling on a similar journey to some of you.  I come from a Christian background but have always been drawn to Judaism - partly due to the time my father spent in the Middle East during WW2. 


For a number of years I have been looking at Christianity from its basic foundations.  I think it must be the Jewish aspect of the teachings of Jesus that has struck me the most.  More recently I came across the Hebraic roots/Messianic movement and found many other people discussing similar issues.  Many of these people are adopting variations of a Jewish lifestyle with some converting to Judaism.  But here is my problem; the Judaism many have been adopting is a variation of modern Judaism with all its traditions and trappings and in this a true return to Hebraic roots has been somewhat lost.


So back I went to the Book of Leviticus to review what the book is actually saying about Torah.  It was during this time I came across Karaite Judaism.  And after listening to a Karaite Jewish man called Nehemia Gordon I can see that Jesus/Yeshua was actually declaring a Karaite message.


Would be more than happy to continue discussing this matter.

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