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What about ME?

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I've been researching for information about vaccine exemption for the nursing program at my local 2 year university and keep coming back empty handed. It seems all the vaccine exemptions by state are for minors and school-age children. I plan to enter the program in Jan 2014. The program requires:

1. Tb test (which I have done in the past 10 years but need to find the actual proof from where it was done)
2. Rubella immunization (booster) or proof of immunity (I just did prenatal bloodwork and, as of now, I do have immunity.)
3. Rubeola Immunization (booster) or proof of immunity.
4. Td proof of immunization in the last 10 years. I actually had this vaccine in 2004 before a trip to Nicaragua but I don't plan to officially start the nursing program until around 2014 so I'm not sure if it will suffice.
5. They recommend chicken pox and Hep B but that is not a requirement so I don't have to worry as much about these.

So I am at an odds b/c I really want to enter this program but our family doesn't vaccinate. I'm having my second child this October and I am certain I will still be breastfeeding upon entering the nursing program. There are other nursing schools (in other states) that have an outlined exemption process, however, this school has no such verbiage about exemption policies. I think the safest way would be to get a medical exemption on the grounds of breastfeeding but I'm not entirely sure. What are your thoughts ladies?
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1. Either find the TB test or get a Quantiferon blood test.

2. Most likely you'll still be immune to rubella in 3 years. Or maybe this most current test will still count.

3. get a measles titer done

4.Call the school and ask about the timing of the Td requirement

5. If chickenpox and Hep B are not a requirement, you don't have to worry about it at all.


If you cannot meet the requirements without getting an additional vaccine, a religious exemption is better. A medical exemption for breastfeeding would expire.

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So you think religious exemption would go over better than a medical one in this situation? If I got a medical exemption for breastfeeding how would they really know when I finished breastfeeding? My son didn't stop nursing until 3 and by the time this baby is 3 I'd be done with their program (most likely). Perhaps I could get both the medical and religious? Would that be overkill? They said that i don't have to get chickenpox if I show immunity or if I don't want it to but then I can't care for anyone with the disease during my practicals. I already know I have immunity anyway b/c it showed up in my prenatal blood work so no worries there. The Hep b is totally optional but I have to sign a waiver that states that I know I could be susceptible and won't hold anyone liable if I contract hep b. Easy enough for that one. I didn't know anything about a Quantiferon blood test, that proves you didn't have TB?
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I'm in Australia where it is not compulsory to vaccinate - we also have concientious objection forms that can be obtained by your GP (doctor) and submitted in such cases. Are you able to do that?

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Originally Posted by aletina View Post

I'm in Australia where it is not compulsory to vaccinate - we also have concientious objection forms that can be obtained by your GP (doctor) and submitted in such cases. Are you able to do that?

I'm not sure since they have zero statements mentioning exemptions. I guess i need to email them and ask. Maybe they don't publish exemption information to discourage people from doing it. Surely they have to have some type of exemption b/c I can't imagine that they'd force injections on people who have a medical contraindication or even a religious one.
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Absolutely - There must be something available - it's a human right's issue - the freedom to choose not to be vaccinated!


By the way - the form is not exactly promoted over here either, you need to know about it and ask the doctor for it! 

The doctor has to complete and sign it with you!




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I've been looking into this too as I am planning to go to nursing school this fall. I don't think there is a way around getting the vaccines here. You can enroll in the school and do the classes but in order to be allowed to work at the clinical site you have to have the vaccines. Also, I think in order to get hired as an RN you have to have vaccines, if I am wrong please prove me otherwise!

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