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Lotus Maya is here!!!! UPDATED with STORY AND PIC!!!!!

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Our beautiful baby girl Lotus Maya arrived yesterday at 8:04 a.m.  7lbs. 15 oz., 20.5" long. I will post our long story later.  While we didn't get to UC due to an emergency transfer to the hospital due to unexpected hemorraghing during labor (before delivery), we still had an intervention, drug and needle free birth because they were able to control the bleeding.



LOTUS MAYA at 3 days old!!!!




So most of you know I had been having contrac. and losing my plug since the Wed. before when the MW tried to sweep my membranes.  Well as I announced on Fri. I lost the rest of the plug and the contrac. started getting regular that evening at 11 min. apart and 30 min. long and they had that little extra something which made me know this was it.  So DH took our LO to her aunts and within an hour they went from 11 min. to 3-4 min. apart and 60 sec. long.  We got the room ready and we officially started our journey to our UC (so we thought). They stayed this way all night so I got no rest.  I did some laboring in the tub but really didn't find that comfortable so we went back to the room.  With every contrac. I would kneel next to the bed while DH sat on the edge and i would just bury my head in his lap and give a rhythmic, low tone moan.  I stayed pretty centered.  I did notice these were much more painful that with my other two which was why I was way more vocal than ever.  Dh noticed that I was way more vocal and a bit more emotional too.  Well at about 4 a.m. Sat. they turned up a notch to 2 min. apart and 60-90 min. long.  I knew we were getting close to transition at that point but I kept up the rhythm of my laboring.  Around 5:30 I started questioning my ability and DH kept telling me to wait until the contrac. was over then think about what I wanted to do.  That kept it in perspective and I made it through.  Suddenly at 6 a.m. I felt a small leak of fluid and thinking it was my water I got up and took off the rest of my clothes.  That was when I saw blood.  I looked at DH and said "we need to go now"  he agreed and went downstairs to call 911 knowing he couldn't focus on driving with worrying about Lotus and I.  As he did that I tried to get dressed and had another contrac. with a huge gush of blood.  That was when sheer panic set in and I lost all focus.  I started yelling hurry up and please help me.  DH came upstairs and saw the blood all over the bathroom floor and his face said it all.  I just looked up at him and said "please dont let us die"  and I will never forget the look in his eyes. The blood just kept coming with every contrac. and it seemed like forever for the ambulance to come.  They wouldn't let DH in back with me and I freaked because he is my soulmate and we do EVERYTHING together.  The whole ride there I kept yelling to him to help us and he said while up in front he was crying because he had never felt so helpless before and he knew for once he couldn't protect either of us.  We got to the hospital and I was so scared I was going to have to have a c-section.  But actually the OB (MW was no longer an option) took me right in and she asked if she could check me and I said yes.  She told me I was 9 c.m. and that I could have this baby naturally if I wanted since she was right there and ready to come out.  They hooked up the monitor and I could hear her heart rate drop and get soft frequently so they put on an oxygen mask and I could hear her rate pick up and get stronger with every deep breath of oxygen I took.  My OB looked at me and said that she was in distress and that she knew I didn't want to do coached pushing but it was important, but up to me.  I decided she was right and I decided to push when I felt comftorbal doing it.  I pushed for 1/2 hour and out she came as well as a LOT of blood.  Again, the look on DH face scared me because he is a very calm, relaxed person who is great in emergency situations. So as soon as she came out they put her right up to my breast and said for me to try and get her to nurse ASAP since I refused the Pitocin shot in the thigh for the placenta. She didn't latch right away but she did nuzzle and that worked well. I didn't need any stitching or anything so I was pleased. I have a lot of bruising in my pelvic area, but I can live with that. I was pretty dizzy for awhile, but that has gone away thank goodness.  We were able to leave 24 hours later and it felt good to get home.  My poor 19 yr. old ran to the house to grab our bags after the fact and she was so upset when she saw all the blood.  And she is a second year ped. nursing student *LOL* I want to say not one nurse or the OB said anything derrogatory about our attempt to UC.  They said we did everything right and the outcome was just one of those things that can happen and we made the right move to not take a chance.  Everyone had respected my wishes and no one talked at me but to me. DH and i went over this in our head many times and we both agree that even if we had gone with the original plan to labor at home and get to the hospital just to birth it would have ended the same way because we always wait until I am right at the end so I wouldn't have gone in any earlier.  But, no matter what, she is here and i am here and that is the main goal!

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Congratulations!! I've been checking back here to see your birth announcement since I read your earlier posts! Hope you're enjoying these precious early days together! joy.gif

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I'm so glad she's here! I was on this morning checking to see if you had put up an update!

Enjoy your little darling!

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Beautiful name! Congratulations to you! 

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Many congratulations to you and welcome Lotus.blowkiss.gif

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Congratulations on the birth of your daughter! Welcome Lotus!

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Huge congrats !!! joy.gif

Welcome baby Lotus and have a blessed baby moon !
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Congratulations! I'm so  glad everything turned out well for you.


Beautiful name! My 4 year-old is the only Lotus I've ever heard of. It's kind of strange to hear someone else called Lotus! I told my daughters her name and they are thrilled. My Lotus reallllly wants to hold your newborn Lotus! I thought you might get a kick out of that. :) I'm having an impossible time thinking of any name that comes close to the beauty--meaning-wise and sound-wise--of Lotus. Maybe you should send me your short list! :)

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Welcome Lotus Maya!  joy.gif  I'm sorry you didn't get your UC, but it sounds like things went relatively well.  Congratulations to all of you!!

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Congrats, mama!! Welcome baby Lotus! joy.gif
You are a wise mama, knowing when a transfer was needed. I am sorry your plan to birth at home didn't come through, but so happy that you had a good birth experience at the hospital!
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Congrats! Enjoy!

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congrats! LOVE the name!

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Congratulations! What a beautiful name!!

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Congratulations on baby Lotus!  I love her name.  joy.gif

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Congratulations. Welcome to the world baby Lotus. All the best to you and your family.
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