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Amnio for Lung Maturity - 6/15

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Not sure if I have mentioned this here or not, but I was diagnosed with PIH at 33 weeks, referred back to the perinatologist at 34 weeks. I saw my peri on Wednesday and it was mentioned if I would consider an amnio at 36 weeks to check for lung maturity. I am currently taking Procardia XL to manage my blood pressure, but it makes me feel so awful and I was told it is only a "temporary solution."


Long story short, I did agree to the amnio for Wednesday afternoon. Results will be back early 6/16. I have conflicting feelings about this. I had severe pre-eclampsia that went into eclampsia with DD1. I also had a lot of blood loss with her and was given blood and platelettes immediately after the birth. I know PIH is like a first step to pre-eclampsia, but I feel almost guilty for going ahead with the amnio. I know if her lungs are mature we'll probably c-section Thursday or Friday.


Am I making the right choice? My perinatologist is awesome and I don't think he'd mention this if it wasn't necessary, but I just keep doubting myself.

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I know it's not the crunchy, MDC-approved thing, but I would listen to your perinatologist on this one.  You'll be in my thoughts, momma!  Keep us updated on how it goes!

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Hi Charlize, glad to see you! I think you absolutely should listen to the dr. on this one. Its certainly a medical condition to be concerned about :)  Good luck and keep us posted!

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I'm with SuburbanHippie on this one. Above and beyond all else, your baby needs a healthy mama and eclampsia isn't something to mess around with. Good luck with your tests and hope everything goes well!!
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The regular OB I had been seeing planted the seeds of doubt. She was reluctant to transfer me and then was just more or less like, "up to you, but wouldn't recommend it."


I just want her to have the best chance possible. The whole NICU experience with DD1 freaked me out. I had her at 35+6 and we still ended up doing a week of NICU and breastfeeding was impossible. I will keep everyone posted as much as possible. My regular OB's staff feels like I'll probably be holding DD4 by this time next weekend. I just can't wrap my head around that. I'm still in disbelief there's another little person growing in there even though I've seen her bunches by now and feel her constantly moving.


Has anyone here had an amnio? I'm very anxious about the procedure....

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I've had 2 amnios but not late in a pregnancy- and for diagnostic purposes (age related). It was really not a huge deal at all- I was scared beforehand both times but during the procedure not scared at all. It was quick and uneventful. No cramping, bleeding, leaking at all. Wishing you luck and healthy baby!

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Just wanted to wish you luck on your amnio...I will be thinking about you.

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I should have the results early Thursday morning. I will post as soon as I know what we'll be doing.

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I think the amnio is a good first step.   I know it is not the "crunchy" route but PIH, pre-eclampisa and eclampsia are not things to play with. 

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I had the amnio yesterday afternoon. It really wasn't bad at all. My peri performed it with the assistance of the sonographer. It took less than two minutes. It freaked me out though seeing the needle on the ultrasound screen and the baby moving towards it like she was trying to push it out.


I received the results this morning. It was 50.6, just 4.4 points shy of lung maturity. The peri is a little surprised her lungs aren't mature given her estimated size, but we decided instead of chancing it we will be staying pregnant for another week. I'm not thrilled with it given how awful the meds are making me feel, but it's what's best for her, not me.

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So it was a good idea to do the amnio.   Your baby is close to ready but not quite there.   I am sure the amnio was scary.  Good luck mamma.   I am surprised the peri was surprised based on size.  My 8lb 9oz 38 weeker nephew wasn't quite ready when they induced (because they told SIL the only way they would allow her to VBAC was if she agreed to an induction no later than 38 weeks, so I was surprised she insisted they do it no sooner than 38 weeks cause the OB wanted to do it at 37.)

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I'm so glad things went well with your amnio.  Another week in the belly, as much as it sucks because of the yucky meds, is probably the best.  You're such a trooper, momma!  hug2.gif

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Two days after the amnio I went into labor. DD4s birth story is posted in the forum now. Sorry it took me so long to post!

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