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Nervous about moving to Kansas City from DC and having no tribe

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We are moving to Kansas City in two months and we don't know anyone! We have a really strong community here and we have a great pediatrician, a great family doctor, and supportive friends. It seems like KC is a much for conservative place and I'm just nervous about finding like minded moms. We have a 15 month old and we still breastfeed, make all his food, and practice attachment parenting. I also work full time as an attorney and have heard that it's really hard as a working mom to meet other moms in KC. I'm just looking to hear about what to expect, maybe how to meet like-minded parents, and hopefully a little reassurance that we'll be happy :).


Thanks for any thoughts you have to share.

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I've been searching around for months upon months for like-minded mothers like me. I meet with 2 other parents sometimes (like twice a month) just to give DS some bonding time with another child his age (he is 7 months) but... the parents and I have nothing in common. I also do attachment parenting (DH doesn't), make all his food, and still gets his breastmilk. I work from home full time. I feel alone here in Kansas City. lol. and it also doesn't help that I am in my lower 20s. 

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I know this is an old thread, but I live in kansas city and also feel like there are no other people like me....

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Hi shanna, I too moved from DC in Feb and now live in north Kansas City. i would love to connect!!
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Hi marpeepp and C is for cookie ,
I would love to connect in person with both of you! I am in the Northland. I don't have permission to private message. Email me ginaglo dot Richardson at gmail dot com! I am an AP parent too with a 5 year old and 3 year old, still nursing my youngest and now have #3 on the way.
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Hey! I remember you, ginaglo! I believe you pm'ed me in February about Kansas City. At that time, I think you said you were going to be in Overland Park for awhile. So, you are in North KC now? Are you around the Gladstone/Smithville/Liberty area? (That's generally where I am) I am right next to Metro North Mall (which is really deserted now).

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Hi C! Yes I remember you too! I am located more west, off exit 4 of Highway 29, between Gladstone and Parkville, kinda near Zona Rosa if you know where that is. I haven't been to your area but I know you're not far! I don't know why I can't pm anymore?? Please contact me at my email ginaglo dot Richardson at gmail dot com! :-)
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Me too, me too......

Live next to Liberty in the northland. Have three kids ages 5, 4, 2. Wanting to meet some friends! It IS hard to meet good friends......
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Hi there! Well, yes, the suburbs are going to be much more conservative as opposed to the actual city proper. We live in midtown Kansas City and have a great network of like-minded people though. I am a visual artist and KC has an amazing arts community. We birthed our daughter at home and have met plenty of like-minded friends through our midwife. We know lots of extended BFing and AP families. It's just a matter of seeking people out - try LLL meetings, cultural events, etc. Our tribe is out there! You just might have to look a little harder.

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I have found a great source of support from the KC midwives group, they have breastfeeding support groups, and lots of crunchy mommas. 


Facebook search the names:
Debbie Perry, Amber Walla, Sarah walbaum, KC homebirth, Gates Chiropractic 

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Sarah Wallbaum was our midwife for my daughter's birth! She is awesome.

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Hi Ladies,

I am actually new to the site. Just wanted to say hello if you are still around on this thread, I live in KC (I live in the Northland not far from Zona Rosa, and actually lived in DC for 5 years in the early 2000's as well). I guess you'd call me a conservative suburban mom for the most part who is trying to lead a healthier, more natural lifestyle. I really enjoy the opportunity to connect with moms here, alike and different, to gain new perspectives and make a few friends, as it's so hard to meet people IRL. Hope to connect.

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Hey all, I live in Blue Springs, Mo just outside KCMO. I'm in the same boat. The sad part is I've lived in KC all my life lol. Just when all my friends were in college I was getting married and having babies. Plus, I grew up in ks where all my friends still live, so not only do they live 20+ min away they work and have no kids so it def makes it hard to get together. Plus, dh works night shift so it gets lonely. I'd really love to have a group meet where my kids (ds is 4 and dd 6m) can interact with others while I get adult conversation.
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