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Charlies soap

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I have a question for anyone who has used Charlies soap for a long period of time. 


I have used it for 3 yrs and love it! Clean clothes, no smells just great. But my washer smells terribly musty! I have a top loader that I got new and have only used Charlies in it. I have tried vinegar, baking soda, bleach, special washer cleaner, taking the whole dang thing apart and scrubbing it out. I am wondering if it is not the Charlies. I put a scoop in a mason jar with cold water and there was a bit at the bottom what would not dissolve. I am wondering if this has built up and smells.


Just for a interesting fact I think I should mention. The first 2 yrs we lived here we had a front loader and used store bought detergent never had a stink issue.  


I always leave the lid open rarely forget clothes in there. I am at a loss and am so sick of the smell. My laundry is on the main floor just off the kitchen and it will smell up my whole kitchen. Any ideas? I don't want to stop using Charlies and don't even know if it will help...

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Can you run a load of towels with some detergent and see if that makes a difference?

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I couldn't take it anymore and have been using store bought stuff for a couple days. No stink already. What a bum deal. But I did find a good use use for my left over Charlies. Works great to clean the toilet. Just sprinkle let set and scrub. Sad It looks like I am done using it in the washer but glad it won't go to waste.

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I would write to the manufacturer about your experience.  Maybe they have an answer for you as to why this happened.  But I'm glad you found a new use for the rest of your batch :)

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