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Summer Plans?

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What are your plans for the summer? Homeschooling year round? Camps? Family Trips? Catching up with public/private school friends?

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Personally, we have some fun day camps the kids are really excited about, DDs first experience with sleepaway camp!?! and a lot of fun arts and crafts planned. We're not doing homeschooling per se, but we went a little crazy at the craft store and the museum and got a bunch of kits to do hopefully 1 project/topic per 2 weeks--solar powered balsawood plane, color mixing and rainbow experiments, solar system model and study, local beach ecosystem, stuff like that!

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We tend to just play outside all summer long.


Day trips, beach trips, nature centers/gardens/forest playing and ice pops. 



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Still schooling, but more like School Lite. We have a couple short road trips planned, will spend a lot of time at our HOA pool, some 1/2-day drop-offs at a gym. Also will be helping one of my daughters get ready for moving into her dorm room in August. :(

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We school year-round, but even during the "school year" months we do less than many others do.  So for us it's more like, over the course of a full year we cover the 9 months of 'school' heh.  :)


We don't take extended Christmas breaks or anything either.  We take days off whenever we need them, and do a bit of school stuff any day we can.  I don't like the idea of breaking up learning as something that has to be scheduled for particular days, that just because it's a holiday you have to stop learning... that can give the impression  that learning is a negative, something to be endured, rather than something you GET to do.  So for us, we don't do schooly stuff on days that we CAN'T.  But if we can, we do.  ;)


For the summer, DS13 does several summer camps, so we do take lots of breaks.  To be honest, last summer we barely did any schoolwork at all with all his activities.  But the default is still that if there's no other activity, we're not sick or exhausted or travelling or whatever -- he gets to do some assignments.  :)


Same story for my DD, she's only 4 so her only experience with the artifice of the 'school year' is that she doesn't get to have her dance classes from June-September which disappoints her to no end!  We only 'school' very lightly so far, of course, not nearly every day and with a natural Waldorfy spin to it.  But she loves what we do and I would not be able to abate her curiosity and drive to learn more and more NOW just because it's warm.  :)

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DH is a gardener as so works more than full-time, so our camp vacations are short and local.  We are unschoolers, so learning is year-round, but I have noticed that the warmer weather seems to have kick-started a flurry of energy and creativity as well as late hours of outdoor play.  (And less fighting!)  The girls are finally big enough to climb the apple tree unassisted (and jump off onto the springy pile of wood chips).  We are visiting kittens and have two surrogate chicks with our sweet Buttercup in the hutch.

     Learning to read still keeps them occupied when the energy quiets down, plus reading clocks and showing off mathematical prowess as well.

     So, nothing much is changing in our plans, but oh boy!  Are things ever different! 

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By the way, our 6yo is learning to use the camera (thank heavens for digital, she's already take a bazillion pictures.)  She is thrilled, and took the avatar picture over there on the left.

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we are moving next weekend to FL, and this week we have to finish packing up.  i imagine we'll use the remainder of the summer settling into our new home. so - we don't have any big plans for camps or anything.  we'll start school back in mid august. we always take june, july, and half of august off though...it's a nice break.

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We're doing it all!


School year round. On those hot summer days we hole up in an air-conditioned room and knock out some seat work.


We're doing two weeks of camp.


We're going on a road trip next week, and then camping in July. We have a family reunion, several festivals and the county fair.


And we're catching up with school friends. We arranged to have one good friend one day each week while her mom works so the girls can keep the friendship strong. I also have a standing playdate with other friends through the summer.


We also have a once a week acting/singing/piano class that DD will continue through the summer and a story/craft time at the library.


And we'll still have plenty of time to swim, ride bikes, garden,  catch fireflies.....eat watermelon......all that great summer stuff.

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We homeschool year round too, for several reasons.  But we're also going camping, taking trips, etc.  DS has been completing full days of homeschooling (5-7 subjects depending on the day), and still has plenty of time for playing outside, gardening, going to karate lessons, etc.  We also have the freedom to take trips and go camping whenever we want, full year, so that's a non-issue.  In a couple weeks, we'll be going to New York for Vietnam Culture Camp (for families with children adopted from Vietnam) and at the end of the July, we'll be going to Pennsylvania for a martial arts training clinic and then going camping here in Ohio.  We'll probably go camping in August as well. :)

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We scale back our homeschooling to just math and reading/writing/spelling. Pretty much I've been doing math lessons with my 5 1/2yr old and working on reading, story time, and learning to spell. My 9yr old has been doing fun math worksheets and math games online while working on a dinosaur book she is writing and Reading A TON.


Other than that Science Camp for a week for both (all day camp).

Master Gardener kids workshops at the Lib. it's pretty much every other week

2 week trip to Nana's with me.


A week to Pop-Pop and Grammies (free time for DH and I).


Camping, trips to the gallery, science center, state parks, hiking and writing about our adventures.

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we are saving up money for my maternity leave next year, and so we can move into a HOUSE (yay!!), so not much planned for this summer. i have awful morning sickness, so right now we're on "summer break" until that goes away. as soon as it does we'll start up dds new hsing curriculum. i'm REALLY excited about this coming hs year, lol. we're trying a bunch of new things, i really hope dd likes all of it! we are hoping to go on a little mini vacation later this fall, though.

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I think I wrote this, minus the dorm room part (since mine are 6 and 7).

Originally Posted by TwinMom View Post

Still schooling, but more like School Lite. We have a couple short road trips planned, will spend a lot of time at our HOA pool, some 1/2-day drop-offs at a gym. Also will be helping one of my daughters get ready for moving into her dorm room in August. :(

Swim team & meets, day camps in their other activities (gym, dancing), School Lite (since things are too busy to keep the normal pace), rehearsals, acting class, etc etc.  We do 2 vacations in August -- one to the river and one to the beach.  They do School Lite every day on those vacations and also make it to local gyms to stay in shape. 


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