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3 1/2 month old waking crying...

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my LO is waking up really crying hard, like he's scared or something. i'm right next to him...just about always, even in arms. as soon as he finally opens his eyes he's happy and smiling. so...do they have nightmares at this age? or any ideas? it's a sudden switch when he comes out of it, which makes me think it's something about the sleep itself. but it's not positioning as i'm changing this as he's screaming with eyes closed and no change.


by the way this happens on nap wake-ups and morning wake-ups.



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maybe he wakes up but doesn't open his eyes yet and thinks he can't see you or something... does he instantly stop when he opens his eyes? if so you could just remind him he was sleeping and to open his eyes because you're right there. my son does that on occassion and I just assumed he was still half asleep but worried he didn't know where I was.

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Is it every time he opens, or just some times? My eldest would wake up screaming when he had reflux. I would often hear a "wet" sound in his throat, and then he'd be screaming in his sleep. SO sad! greensad.gif Babies definitely can be frightened/startled in their sleep (dreams?), so it may be that, especially if it's not *every* time.
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My son just turned 3 mo and started doing this as well. I'm hoping it's a stage. He calms down once I pick him up. We co-sleep and my voice and closeness don't do the trick at the moment.

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it's not every time...probably not even half, but enough over the last couple of weeks that i've noticed and wondered what i could do, and what is going on. yesterday was the first time i saw him peak on eye slightly open and then he was still crying...but a few moments/minutes later when he opened both he was calm and happy. 


and i agree with you nicole, closeness isn't enough, if we're side-lying we get up and i hold him..and talk to him. i will listen for the wet sound, but i haven't noticed it before...any other signs for acid reflux so i can rule it out?

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Does he stop when you pick him up? Ben normally does. This morning I carried him around for a while on my chest/shoulder and he conked right out again. Are you swaddling him? I was doing it all the time but I've started to faze it out since he gets out of it so easily  now.

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You know, it might just be dreams or startling in his sleep. After reading/posting, I was noticing my 7mo crying as she'd wake/stir during the night. Once she'd open her eyes and I'd pick her up, she was entirely fine. I think something just woke her up and/or scared her in her sleep (memories of the 3yo "loving" on her?! eyesroll.gif).

Here's a good description of Silent Reflux:

Looks like the site is commercial, but I have no knowledge of their product(s). The info is solid, though!
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Z does this too...screaming for a bit when she wakes up. She stops if I pick her up quickly, or if I sing to her (but not if I talk). My older DD and I have started singing a little good morning song to her and it seems to do the trick, even if it's not morning. I think it's a phase as she becomes aware of and comfortable with that mystical place between sleep and waking. I also feel for little ones who often wake up in a different place than they went to sleep.

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One of my twins does this, and my younger son did this too. My younger son had sensory issues later on, so I am betting this one girl will too. I think its a sleep/wake transition.

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well today, or was it yesterday...anyways, he started doing this and i picked him up and walked him around and he went back to sleep. then when he woke up later he came out of much gentler. maybe it's an overtired and not ready to wake up, but something wakes him? i'm going to keep that in mind and see how it progresses...though it could still totally be a something else. i don't think it's the reflux, but i'll still keep an ear/eye out. leaning to it just being bad dream/uncomfortable coming back in.

thanks for the link...and the ideas. 


we aren't swaddling by the way, he never liked it. so it's not that. things that make you go hmmm. 

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My sister-in-law says that babies do this if they aren't well-rested enough. I do notice that when Ben sleeps really well, he wakes up with a big smile on his face. Or if he starts to wake up and I nurse him, then he can ease into being awake more gently and doesn't fuss or cry.

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