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32 Weeks



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Awesome belly!!  Love the Bragg's in the bathroom. biggrinbounce.gif

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32 weeks!  I got my first stretch mark!  Weirdly enough, it has branched off my old bellybutton piercing (that I haven't had in years).  It's small, like half an inch, but I'm sure it will grow from now til the birth.  I am okay with it, though. innocent.gif


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This is from my maternity photo set taken last weekend at 31 weeks:



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32 weeks:



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34 weeks

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32 weeks


32 weeks! My youngest and I were having some fun with the camera and silly poses. This t-shirt is kinda screaming across the belly, so it will likely get tucked away until I am postpartum :)

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112311 25w.jpg

25 weeks

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Fixing subscription

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Took this last night because my best friend hadn't seen me in ages... will be 35 weeks on Tuesday!


Photo on 2011-11-26 at 20.13 #4.jpg

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Ohmygosh!! Everyone is looking ready to pop already!!  My little guy is measuring almost three weeks ahead of schedule, but my stomach is measuring exactly where it should be.  While it feels like I am huge, when I see pictures of myself, it doesn't look all that bad...granted, I still have 9 weeks to go so I am sure my stomach is just waiting to explode!

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Originally Posted by chilichiki View Post

granted, I still have 9 weeks to go so I am sure my stomach is just waiting to explode!

It is! I was getting "wow, you are so tiny" comments until about a week ago (33 weeks or so). All of a sudden, my belly is huge (34.5 weeks) and I do look to be due very soon! I can't see my feet now either and I was able to 10 days ago. You wait! 

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my edd is Jan 31st according to docs, this is my 6thpregnant 30 plus weeks.jpg I took this myself sitting up in bed, sorry about the clevage LOL

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32+3 here. Morbidly fascinated by how big I will get in the next few weeks! Just got my first little pink stretch mark, first sign that I may not have quite the flat stomach I had a few weeks after giving birth to DD, ha! Whatever happens to the mid section aesthetically, I'll always be proud and amazed at my miraculous body -- what all our womanly bodies can do, wow.P1020116.JPG

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OMG, Emaya, how do you sleep at night?  I'm only carrying one and it's an ordeal every time I need to roll over.  WOW.  bow2.gif

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Everybody looks so beautiful. luxlove.gif

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32 Weeks...


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Great pics ladies! Emaya you're doing so awesome keeping those wee ones in there!


I'm so sad that, especially from the front, I just look very fat. From the side, I look like *maybe* I'm pregnant. I mean, I look down at my belly  I'm huge (& measuring big too), but other people can't see it....Then I feel stupid for being sad about it, because it seems like you ladies get a lot of aggravation when people realize you're pregnant.


Will post new pics in this spot as soon as dh emails them to me.

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I looooove the photo of big sis looking up at mama's belly. so sweet. Definitely need to take a couple of those :)


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33 weeks 1 day


I feel so huge! I don't think this picture accurately reflects my hugeness. When I look in the mirror before getting in the bath, I feel like I look like I'm due already!

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