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Looking back on my post, that sort of sounded rude, but I assure you I didn't mean it like that at all!  I am comparing the size of my tummy and how uncomfortable I am feeling and then I see that pic with two little ones in your tummy and I feel for you!  Hopefully they get to come out soon!

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38 weeks (taken Tuesday)

38 weeks.JPG

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38 weeks... a cropped pic as I wasn't sure about including my face! Although it is a nice photo and I'm glad I took pictures :)



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Taken last week, at 40 weeks...lol with my messy baby/storage room in the background...

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Ok, 38 weeks and up 30+ pounds... come on baby!



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This is what I've termed "the amazing belly drop." The first picture is 39 weeks 4 days and the second is 40 weeks 1 day. I'm now 40 weeks 5 days.


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Wow, that is one heck of a drop! :-)

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40 weeks 2 days. Definitely dropped.


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