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27 weeks a few days ago.....


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26 weeks 4 days!


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28 weeks exactly...along with 30+lbs of baby love! 



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27 weeks! :)

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24 weeks on 9/30/11

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Not sure how to crop this, so I'll just post the whole pic (taken on October 2).  I'm on the left (26 weeks, 5 days), and my sister is on the right (23 weeks, 3 days).  I visit her and my 14-month old nephew at least once a week, and when we started showing we had this awesome idea to take weekly belly pics together!!

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^^^ What an awesome idea to do them together!  So fun!

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Yeah it's kind of neat, especially because we're such different body shapes! It's cool to see how alike or different our bodies and bellies look as they get bigger.

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28 weeks!!  The belly keeps a-growin!




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Kewpie26 weeks

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Lookin' good, Kewpie!!!

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Such beautiful bellies mamas!joy.gif

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27 weeks after just finishing a run this morning. Excuse the sweaty hair, flushed appearance, and lack of make-up. Or don't excuse it.... I kicked butt today ;)

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A week ago at 25.3 weeks


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28 weeks. We didn't get any good photos yesterday, so it's sadly not very flattering. orngtongue.gif



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You ladies are all looking gorgeous!! luxlove.gif


Love the Vibrams, MidwifeErika.  I have a pair in black. orngbiggrin.gif

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30 weeks and 2 days.

I'm still so tiny! But, I am starting to get stretchmarks. :(

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28 weeks 3 days!


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30 weeks



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29 weeks, 1 day! :) 


Feeling pretty stuffed and giant... waddling everywhere I go 



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