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Jan 2012 Roster Thread - Page 8

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Is there anyone else who would like to be added or who would like to update their entry before we get deluged with births? smile.gif

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what does 'in our thoughts' mean?

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Thanks for the reminder, Devaskyla :)
EDD: January 17th, new date for planned c-section: December 20th

Identical boys and a girl triplets



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Originally Posted by Patddfan View Post

what does 'in our thoughts' mean?

Their baby didn't make it to term.  Some were lost early, some late, but we remember them and their babies.



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I don't think I ever asked to be added. Oops. I'm due on the 15th of January with a girl.

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Well, I know that I am having a boy....sometime in mid January.  The original EDD was February 1, but my doctor informed me there was no way I was going to go that long.  Hoping that means the baby will come on his own and not have to be induced!!  Will have a better idea of date after Wednesday's appointment.

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I forgot to add that we're having a boy. Still due on January 25. Thanks!
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Think I've got all the updates done to here.

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