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Need some info on resources

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Hi, I'm looking to move to Charlotte, NC hopefully before the snow hits here. I used to spend my summers there all throughout my years in school, so it's not totally unfamiliar to me. I would love to know if anyone could tell me the best places in Charlotte to look for housing and any other helpful resources? I'd be moving on a shoestring budget, but hope that it can be done.


Any help would be greatly appreciated!


Thanks in advance!

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Does it have to be in Charlotte or can it be in nearby towns? There are great places like Belmont, Mt Holly, Gastonia, Cramerton, etc...  The school system in Charlotte is awful, a recent budget cut meant lots of schools closing.  Good Luck, we live in Gastonia and LOVE it!



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Thanks for your reply. No, it doesn't have to be Charlotte. I'd be interested in any of the cities you've mentioned. I have a nephew in Gastonia. Whatever you can tell me about Gastonia would be very helpful.

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try www.cityofgastonia.gov  this my hubby's hometown, we moved back to Gastonia in 2004 and i love it.  has plenty of shopping and charlotte is not too far away if you need something different.  lots of good schools but we homeschool so that doesnt affect us.  major crime seems to only happen on the 'bad' side of town IMO.  we live in South Gastonia, we are only about 20 minutes from SC state line.  we have farmers markets in just about every town, lots of libraries, parks, museums, etc...  i'm 5 days from my due date so its hard to think about what else would be good to share.  there are also many churches here of all religions.  hope this helps :)



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Serra, thanks so much for the link! I've decided to stay put for another year and really plan my move right. I will definitely be looking at that link, as I am now considering SC as well. Congrats on your new little one!

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