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Help with chipmunks and/or rabbits????

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Hi ~

I just had lettuce, spinach and snap pea sprouts come up about 2 weeks ago YEAHHHHH! I was so happy the garden is on its way. 3 days or so ago I went out to water and noticed that someone had eaten the lettuce and spinach sprouts. Then, yesterday I noticed they had gotten to the peas We live in the high dessert and we are in a horrible drought (worst on record some are saying ) so I totally understand that these little critters are looking for food, but I don't really want to have them eat ALL my little sprout babies. The only critters that I know live out here regularly that might do this are chipmunks and bunnies. I can try fencing around the garden, but those chipmunks are good climbers, especially if they want/need food. And maybe it is some other kind of critter??? Any ideas????????: I have more planting to do as the weather warms up and although I think these little guys are wonderful and feel bad that they are hungry, I would like to feed our family with the garden not just the neighborhood fuzzy ones ~ any ideas, suggestions or anything else would be greatly appreciated
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I would suggest a fence AND a patch of parsnips. If they have a patch of parsnips they will probably turn thier little pink noses up at your peas and other veggies.

This should help and allay your guilt. I would then break out the pepper stuff for the plants if they continue to eat them. Just make a "bunny garden".

The kids might really be into this as well, let them look up foods for bunnies and chipmunks and then help you prepare the "garden".
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Thanks for the info Chanley
What is the "pepper stuff" you mention? and the parsnips, do they like them a lot of don't like them so they stay away??? and any kind of parsnips would do???
I've got the fence to put up this weekend (we'll keep our fingers crossed that one works!!) and I was actually thinking that maybe I would do a garden just for them. A friend of mine did say though when I mentioned the idea to her that a garden just for the critters is messing with the natural balance of things (eg the current drought is part of the process of natural selection and keeping the healthy critters genes around while eliminating the weaker ones of the species). I'm not so sure I agree, though I do understand her point. I guess at this point my idea on that subject is that humans have thrown the natural balance of things so far out of wack (global warming possibly causing the droughts and floods all over the world etc.) that when we can manipulate it a bit to the positive side that is OK with me
Thanks again for your response
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Well I always thought about it as an offering. Yes natural selection is what is killing off species that cant combat highways or pollution. I highly doubt your parsnips are going to over-populate the area with bunnies.

When rabbits and chipmunks start drilling wells in a drought I will have issues with someone planting a bunny garden. IN other words, I see it as you do.

Pepper spray is made of capsicum, and water. You can spray it on plants to make them less palatable. Any type of parsnips should do.

May the bunnies be happy and prosper!
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You might also try human hair, or dried blood meal. The hair you can get from any barber or hairdresser; just scatter it along your garden rows or around your plants. The same for the bloodmeal; scatter it wherever. This you can get at a gardening center or hardware store. Critters don't like the smell of either remedy.
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After battling deer, rabbits, squirrels and chipmunks, I have found only one thing that really does the trick on all these critters and is not toxic. It's called Deer-Off. Gaiam sells it but I've found it cheaper at my local garden center. Works great and you can even dip your bulbs in it before planting to keep the critters from digging them up and devouiring them. It even keeps the squirrels off my birdfeeder if I spray some of this stuff on the feeder! It's not cheap but a little goes a long way and each spray lasts about 3 months. I haven't tried the hair trick...sounds intriguing but I would guess the hair would blow away and have to be replaced fairly regularly. Someone suggested having my three guys pee around the plants (human scent), but that was way too fun for them and the plants would never survive!
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Thanks everyone for your ideas!!!! The fence just went up this weekend and the new seeds I planted haven't sprouted yet. I'll keep in mind the other ideas should the little guys be able to climb the fence (which I'm sure they willl ) 3 boys mom, thats so funny my son LOVES peeing outside too his aim is pretty off though (only 1.5 y ears) so that might make for some pretty icky tasting plants
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The book I am currently reading suggests blood meal for both rabbits and woodchucks. If you are not opposed to it, sprinklin some in the garden may not be a bad idea.
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