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What to do with a 2-mo-old?

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my ds is 2 months old now and starting to spend more time awake. What should I be doing with him when he's awake? Is it enough that I carry/wear him all day and kind of narrate what I'm doing? I worry that by wearing him all day, I'm making him sleep too much. Thoughts?
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I wish I could remember where I read this, but I just came across something about games for that age. Apparently they really like textures--one game was just dropping a filmy scarf on them or letting them touch different textures. Also, dancing! I put my daughter in the Bjorn and dance around (although she does fall asleep).


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From what I have read, just laying there and listening to sounds/ observing surroundings is enough stimulation for a newborn of that age. You do not want to overstimulate, as this will cause a lot of fussing/crying. I think just wearing the baby around is enough at this age. Maybe some soft singing, or humming, but thats about it. My babes are 4 months and all I do for stimulation  is they have just started to grab at things so they lay under the play mat, they get tired of that after 10 mins, and I carry them around and talk to them softly. Sometimes we go outside and just sit, and they watch the things, in silence.

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How about letting her watch herself in the mirror? My LO loved seeing herself.

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Looking at a mobile, going for a walk outside, you can lay next to your LO and show a picture book, do something with eye tracking. That said I think there is nothing at all wrong with wearing. Not sure if there is a too much sleep for an eight week old.
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I think babywearing is enough stimulation both mentally and physically. The baby can see everything you are doing and can feel your skin, hair, the carrier etc...  At around two months I wore both of my kids almost all day too. Sometimes I would tell them what i am doing, other times they'd just observe or listen to me singing along to the radio.

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