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Originally posted by Frankly Speaking
One of the good things about getting old is you can say outrageous things and get away with it because people think it is because of age. :LOL :LOL :LOL
I will love to be able to use that excuse when I am officially old enuf.

Right now, if I say something like above.....people just look @ me like I'm crazy
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They still look at you like you are crazy. You just fake a tic and give a palsy shake or two and drool down the side of your chin and they go away quietly. :LOL :LOL :LOL

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People actually make comments about the size of my son's penis and it makes me laugh. They say "You shouldn't be calling him "little Aiden" anymore. or "Some day he'll make some lady very happy" I think it is just because none of my friends/family have ever seen an uncirced penis before.

Then of course I get the people who do a double take when they realize that he isn't circed, and then they usually make a face like they've just seen some freak of nature.
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I have 4 year old twin boys - both intact. One is significantly more endowed than the other. It is just normal variation, unrelated to intact/circ'd
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As someone who grew up only seeing intact penises, the first time I saw a circ'd baby boy, I was flabbergasted about how small it was! And it's been the same with every circ'd boy since. I don't know if my brothers (the ones I saw naked) are all larger than average or if it's because they're intact, but the circ'd boys I've seen (like my poor nephew ) are much smaller. It's like the glans is right on top of the scrotum with no shaft in between. It just looks wrong.
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I've only seen two intact penises and many circ'd ones. When flaccid, I've noticed the circ'd ones tend to look smaller b/c they don't have the extra bit of foreskin. However, my experience with the only two intact ones were that they were small when "ready to go". I'm SURE that's just due to the usual variability among men, and I totally don't think it has to do with being left intact.
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I noticed this with my 3 month old ds. We were at a friend's house over the weekend, and my friend's 6 month old had a much smaller penis than my intact son, and they are much normal and natural-looking too when intact. I realized that a circumcized penis looks "rounder" and like a little ball, with no tip...
why is this? My dh is intact (so is my dad, my siblings and everyone else I know) so I have no one to ask about this....
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I don't think it is known why the shape of the glans of intact and circumcised men is differently shaped but it has been noted by researchers. The intact glans is longer and more like an arrowhead while the circumcised glans is more mushroom shaped.

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I really think it just comes in 'all shapes and sizes' I say that becuase almost all of DS's little friends are intact and he is not (yes a huge mistake on my part that I will never make again ) and he is MUCH larger then anyone else (I know because we had a kiddie pool party and all the boy's choose to go sans bathing suit LOL!) And from the looks of it most of the other boys were about the same size....so I don't think the intact/cut has *that* much to do with it. Oh and it is not just his intact friends - I have LOTS of nephews and have seen them all (all cut) and he is also larger then all of them too....

(now I am officially embarresed for knowing this information )
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Not having seen a ton of penises, I wonder if the size variation is kind of like that of noses? Some are tiny and some are huge and a lot are in between, and while they all have the same basic shape, there's lots of room for variety.

At my homebirth mother's group all the baby boys are about the same age and intact and we have a pretty big (no pun intended) size range. Not that anyone's said a thing about it :LOL
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My opinion

Even though I have seen the difference at the same age between my sons and my nephews, I never really have given it much thought. My SIL insists that circ does play a role, esp tight circ procedures where tight erections
( painful ) can delay growth. You can find comments on tight circ procedures and delays on Tanner stage development by two doctors, Dr. Greene and Dr. Alter.

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you know what is haunting me right now? that disgusting photo (we've all seen it, and those that haven't, oh, look around cnn or fark or something) of rasputin's severed penis is going to be the ONLY intact (lol, perhaps this is the only recorded instance that 'uncirc'd' may be a preferable term) penis that some people have ever seen!

please circulate some beautiful INTACT intact penis photos, lol! links, please! (and yes, if you know about rasputin, you will see that this is *not* OT...)

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The boy I babysit is intact and he looks much, much smaller than my friend's son of the same age that is circ'ed.
I think that circing might make each individual penis smaller than its potential but because there is such variation from person to person it can't be compared.
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I thought rasputin was circ'd? i could swear i read somewhere that he was circ'd later in life.
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