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Moby - awesome

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I have an almost four week old and finally got the moby wrap right - heaven!  I was able to do some light housework and walk around and see my unweeded garden and enjoy the flowers.


So... what are all the other awesome things you start to be able to do when you can wear your baby!?!


Today was my first time.  it was AMAZING.

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yay! isnt it great to be able to get around and still be snuggling you LO?


I love it for grocery shopping, when she is in the bucket car seat on the stroller, i always stay right next to her, and have to ward off people touching her! (usually if she is sleeping in the car, we bring her in her car seat in, then when she wakes, i move her to the Moby.


I also really like it for buffet restraunts, no one has to stay behind at the table to watch the baby while everyone else gets their plates then switch. I usually drape a napkin over her head, since the time i dropped eggs bene on her little sleeping head!


nursing in the moby is a little awkward, but can be done. I was able to nurse, while standing, graveside at my grandma's funeral, I usually use a nursing cover. but when i dont, there is usually enough fabric to hide a bit.


Ive worn my ladybug while playing poker, I actually won the last 2 times, shes my good luck charm, like an actual ladybug!


gotta love it!

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I knew there would be things I never thought of in this thread! Thanks for the suggestions!
My Lo did not like the x cradle hold at all. Is that how you would nurse in it?
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