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Has babywearing gone mainstream?

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My youngest is 4 so I haven't been in the baby wearing forum or mindset for a while now but I've noticed a few commercials with baby wearing in them. I just saw a SEARS commercial with a baby in a moby wrap. Has it gone mainstream? Has anyone else noticed this?

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If it has, what difference does it make?  More new moms are realizing the benefits of babywearing - it's not exactly a lifestyle choice or trend for trend's sake.


I see babywearing on TV all the time and think it's great.  Parents and babies both benefit.  Yay!

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My son is 10 and folks around here have been baby wearing long before he was born.  Hell my niece is 30 and has a kid of her own and my sister wore her in a baby Bjorn equivalent. 


Has it become more fashionable? Maybe. Every celeb out there seems to have some kind of wrap/sling to match their clothing when out and about.  Every babystore is making a killing on selling multiple wraps for "every day", for "casual", for showering, hiking, etc. So not necessarily more "mainstream" but maybe more marketed?

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So...now that is mainstream really cool natural parents should out do the mainstream parents by growing their own organic cotton, then weaving the cloth, staining it with placental blood and sewing on the full moon?


I had baby carriers 15 years ago and so did the majority moms around me. I lived in a city and no one considered anything weired back then either.

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OP Here, I wasn't saying it was a bad thing that baby wearing may or may not be main stream now. Its just  that when I was baby wearing no one (except my group of mom friends) knew what a moby wrap was or any other wrap and they were hard to find, never in stores and had to be ordered on-line. I guess I was just making an observation and wondering if anyone else noticed it.

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When I wear my baby I sometimes get comments from older women about how "They didn't have those back when I was raising babies"  And it always makes me laugh as babywearing has been around as long as babies have been around.  But yes, i do think it is becoming more "mainstream"  which is a really good thing.  Now if we could only get more of the "crunchy" parenting  to go mainstream, think of all the happy babies out there!!

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i havent really noticed "babywearing" as an AP practice more mainstream, but the use of carriers, maybe. I  think its great. regardless the reason for chosing to wear baby. so many benefits, a moby is my new go-to baby shower gift!

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OP I know exactly what you mean! I definitely think that babywearing is becoming more prevalent in society. 


I try to take it as a auspicious sign for the way we are evolving as people. smile.gif



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Characters on Grey's Anatomy used an Ergobaby with two different babies and it seemed well received by other characters, so I'd say yes, it is getting mainstream. 

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