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I found following article by Gloria Lemay- it mentions shoulder issues but usually if head is out and baby is in caul a midwife (or as I did with myself one birth) will break at that point, I was in water when I did this to myself (after head came out) but I would refrain from doing it at 8-9 but that's just me- I only use very hands off midwives now and we just let birth take it's course.




More info from Ronnie Falcao-



From Midwife Thinking Blog-


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Personally I would avoid induction at all costs and have told my Dr that.  From all the natural birth books I've read and birthing movies I've seen inductions can be very painful, difficult, long and often lead to c-sections.  However, just today a friend of mine was induced at 7 am (2 weeks before her DD b/c she's been on a medication that isn't compatible with going into labor naturally) and had her baby at 12:30 pm.  Only 5.5 hrs!  She said it felt just like a regular birth (this wasn't her first) and had a great experience (got an epidural at 11:00 am, waters were broken at 10am).  Her baby was almost 8 1/2 pounds and he started coming out without her even pushing. She feels great.  We're shocked since I didn't know an induction like that was even possible.  She wasn't at all engaged prior to the induction (since she's 2 wks till DD).


Just wanted to put that out there in case you do go the induction route, since I had never heard of such a positive experience.  Now that said, I'm still going for my natural no meds/no epi birth personally, but I'm happy for her.

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Sounds like a load of bull to me. Well, all of it except maybe the part about scheduling an induction if you go overdue if they are full. I have no idea what their scheduling is like. However, the likelihood that you would go overdue and need an induction is statistically slim. I really don't see the need for scheduling an induction just in case. Just sounds super silly to me. Your doc may have truly good intentions and think s/he is doing what's best for you but sounds to me like s/he's not very experienced with allowing a healthy pregnancy to progress as normal (not an attack against your doc because most OBs are not).

Any kind of "induction", whether what you call partially natural by prematurely artificially rupturing membranes (which isn't really natural at all) or by use of drugs, can lead to all kinds of medical complications. It is not something to take lightly regardless of how casual your doc seems to be about it. S/he is not the one who could lose her uterus and never be able to have another baby or even die (talk about scare tactics, huh? winky.gif). They kind of sugar coat those risks but they are there. They are what I call unnecessary, unnatural risks vs. the normal, natural risks that come with being pg and having a baby.

Also, regardless of what your doc says, s/he cannot force you to do anything. So to say that you would most likely need a c-section if you go 10-14 days overdue does not mean you have to consent to one. You don't even have to consent to an induction at that point. It is your choice.
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I gotta say I love the collective knowledge folks are sharing on this thread. It's so different than the usual obey thy doctor... bow2.gif

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FTR I had 2 AROM inductions.   This was before I knew better.  To me that still was an induction and no semi-natural because the OB forced labor on me. 


If you want natural induction, try pineapple, walking, nipple stimulation etc.

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You OB sounds totally resonable. He is not forcing you to do anything at the moment. My OB and I talked and agreed on a plan when I was a week overdue. I went to acupressure therapist and she pressed some points. Next day I went  into labor. My OB was right, my baby was of a decent size. 8.8. Next one was 9. I must say, I am small and I had no tears.


Also, google the studies showing  connection between being overdue and stillbirth. Placenta function detiriorates over time in some cases.


Also, read up on risks and benefits of induction but  not only in natural birth books (they have their own bias ) but in peer review studies.


Also,, just because doctor is mentioning c-section it does not mean he or she can do it without your consent unless your life is danger and you are not capable of giving a consent.

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yes, by no means do I feel like he would force me into one (not like he could) I think he was just tossing it out there as a possibility

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Originally Posted by Alenushka View Post


Also, google the studies showing  connection between being overdue and stillbirth. Placenta function detiriorates over time in some cases.


This sounds like a scare tactic to me.  That "connection" seems to be for only going past 42 weeks, which I'm pretty sure most women don't (naturally or being allowed to by their doctor).  A "normal" pregnancy is 38-42 weeks.  And the stillbirth rate past 42 weeks is only very slightly hire than a full-term pregnancy.  Sorry, just don't want to give the OP another reason to worry when she doesn't have to!

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My 5'3" tall mom gave birth to my 9lb 13oz. sister just fine...I think she was born close to her due date, too...I believe that your body will know when it is time and will handle whatever size baby you have grown!  


That said...if you want to schedule an induction at 10 days overdue there is nothing saying you can't cancel or just not go if you get to that point and don't feel comfortable and then you don't have to worry about wanting that options.  


I also agree that AROM is a bad idea...especially if your body is not ready to start laboring and takes a while to kick into gear.  I was in labor and let my OB break my water at 4cm (because that was as far as I had come in 20 hours and I was nervous about my tiny baby who they thought had all kinds of issues going on and I just wanted to meet him) and it ended with a c-section because his cord just couldn't handle active labor with no cushion of water and his heart rate plummeted.  I still wish I could go back and see if he would have tolerated labor with his bag of water in tact...but yea, you can't go back.


I'm 36 weeks and for some reason at the last appointment they said they would do a cervix check this time to see what was going on...I'm going to deny that because even if I'm efffaced and thinned out and 3 cm dialated I could walk around like that for 4 weeks...or if I'm high and closed and thick and 0 cm....I could go into labor and have him tomorrow. 


I don't think your OB is necessarily trying to scare you, just cover the bases especially if he does have a lot of people hoping for induction when they hit their 40 week point!


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There's a thread about the actual statistics in B&B right now, you can see those here:

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Well, I made the mistake of talking to my mom about it, I was a C-section baby as was my brother, my bro was 10 pounds and went into distress, so she's all about having a c-section for big babies. Then my mom told my sister about it, she's a nurse, and her words were "don't let them keep you in labor for over 10 hours!"  because she was in labor for 18 hours with my 9.7 pound niece...thing is, the doctor hasn't said the baby looks big, for all I know it could just be a nice little 7 pounder!  Now I'm hoping the hospital staff doesn't have the same attitude as my family!  I haven't really shared my birthing ideals with my family but I feel like I've made it clear that I *really* don't want a C-section if there's any avoiding it, but this is part of the reason that I have specified on my birthing plan that I don't want ANY visitors in my room unless I specifically request them.

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Just met a neighbor whose last 2 babies were 10 and 11 pounders born at home. She's slim/tiny and his shoulders got stuck but it was resolved (all fours) and that was that.

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Well I had another appointment yesterday, he checked the cervix and said it was almost a one...I'm aware this doesn't mean much, but it was good to hear at 35 weeks.  In the middle of my appointment one of his other patients went into labor, so we didn't have time to discuss induction again, which is fine with me, I just didn't schedule one :)

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