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First time HCG trigger shot questions

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After 23 LONG days of Follistim (started at 100, ended at 275), I finally triggered on Monday night for and IUI tomorrow.  I have 3 Follicles.  So, how quickly should the HCG show up on a urine preg test at home?  I want to test it out of my system and it hasn't shown up on the test yet.  Also, I had some pain in my right ovary, but it seems to have gone away.  Could I have ovulated THAT quickly on the shot (i.e. 12 ish hours)?  I am concerned because the IUI is tomorrow AM (36 hr post trigger) and I don't want that precious little egg to expire.  I still feel some twinges in the left one still, so I dont think that egg has released.  Maybe it's because I'm not moving around as much or not noticing?

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I can't give you a for-sure answer, but I know that I did an OPK about 20 hours after my shot and it was positive (OPKs also detect hCG). And from what Dr. Google told me when I researched it, it's really unlikely you ovulated that quickly. All the sites I saw said between 24-48 hours. But I'm not a doctor, so take that for what it's worth.

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I wouldn't worry too much about the o pain (ha! I know! says the champion worrier-about-everything!), since it's notoriously indistinct and often reflects the follicle stretching, rather than the moment of ovulation. I'm almost certain that 12 hours is not possible because LH (or rHCG, etc.) first triggers a completion of the maturation process, which then results in ovulation. I suppose it's possible (though unlikely) that you had an LH surge before the trigger, but I really don't think your doctor would have missed that. I read that the mean time to o after trigger is 41.5 hours and like monkeyscience said, the range is 24-48. I didn't have the foresight to stock up on tests to see when the hcg became visible, but my RE told me, "If you take a pregnancy test the next day it will be positive." So it sounds like 24 hours later. I can tell you it was out of my system by 7dp-trigger...perfect timing to start obsessing and testing.


Really hoping you get wonderful news, leilamom!



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I know that this is a bit older but I had to add that you get some pain after a trigger shot because it gives your ovaries a major boost. I cramped pretty bad after my trigger shot (One of them). Everything is on hyper speed. :D It doesn't mean you've ovulated.

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hi ladies. i hv this question confuse me on my trigger and IUI .....

i had a +OPK on sunday 2pm, HCG trigger on 9pm @ night

RE arrange my IUI on tuesday 9am( 36 hours) after the shot.

but today (monday - before IUI) i found out my cervical mucus has dry up and i got a -OPK !!

anyone has this happen to you ?? am i miss my ovulation ?? i m so upset now cos this is my 1st IUI....

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Yoyo- OKP's are completely unreliable after a trigger shot. Don't even use them because they will confuse/worry you. You just have to trust that your doc knows what they are doing. 

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hi preggo mama....thanks for the advise. you are sooo right. cos i went in for my IUI yesterday and the egg were stil there, i know the shot hv mess up my LH...... :O)

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Good luck with you IUI. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you. hug2.gif

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I always had a + HPT 24 hours after my trigger.  We DTD 24 and 36 hours after trigger.  FWIW, I almost always had ovulation type pains after the shot, my ovaries were sensitive and it was hard to tell.  As much as I wanted to listen to my body, the signals were all screwy from the shot.  I tried to stop obsessing and just listened to my doc.

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hi mamatobabyA, actually after the HCG shot i hv a weird and funny feeling, my mucus dry up, cervical position goes low and close....i m so lost now....wat happen to me ??

so did u get pg of the month ?

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Lol, Aw the dried up cm. I went through the same exact thing and questioned the doc extensively. I had NO cm when we did the IUI. I know that it doesn't matter in the sense that IUI bypasses all of that but I worried it meant I had already ovulated. I am now 3 months pregnant from that IUI. :D You'll be fine. Just trust your docs...usually they know what they are doing.

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hi preggomama...i m back for my 2ww. how are you doin . :O) currently 3dpiui...2nd month of unmedicated IUI, but this round my Re gave me duphaston from dpo 1 till 14. hope this is my month. 

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