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Sleeping trouble...phase or for good?

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Suddenly last Saturday (like 10 days ago, not this past weekend), I started having trouble sleeping.  I fall asleep okay, but then I can't go to sleep after I wake up to pee.  I had this same trouble in the 1st trimester, but it went away.  I sleep about 4-5 hrs and then I get up to pee and that's that.  I can't figure out why.  Sometimes I think I might have an idea, but changing it doesn't help.  I try not to go to bed too full or too hungry, too hot or too cold, too early or too late, etc.  I feel comfy usually and I'm not anxious.  I just can't go back to sleep.  I do have trouble staying comfortable as my hips hurt so I flip flop back and forth a lot. 


Any tips on how to fall back asleep?  I tried the herb White Chestnut as my midwife recommended.  Did nothing. 


Is this likely to be a phase or is this how it will be for the next 5-8 wks?

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Homeopathic coffee cruda 30 C. 30 minutes before bed, 3 tabs. every 10 minutes. works for my kiddos every time...and me too! Also...if your hips hurt, have you tried a body pillow? I have one shaped like a candy cane...and whenever I sleep without it, I HURT big time...but with it....oh wow...noticeable difference. blowkiss.gif
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I sleep about four hours and then wake up. I usually have about an hour of being awake so I do something boring like internet or reading and then can usually get another few hours after.

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I found that eating REALLY helps me in this regard.  I don't feel hungry at all, but if I eat, I'll go back to sleep.  If I don't, I stay up.  Plan on having food when you wake up...  Pre-slice some cheese to have with crackers, or set out the crackers, peanut butter, and a knife, or set out some almonds and a glass that you can quickly fill with milk.  Go pee, eat food quickly and quietly that you don't have to think about, and then lay back down.  It might help...

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I hear you! I'm getting about fours a night. It is slowly killing me!! I am just so foggy and tired all.the.time.

I had my first acupuncture treatment today - and go again on thursday and then maybe saturday.  I'm also trying to get in 

at my massage therapist.  I'm hoping something will work.  It's been going on for weeks already and I have 9 weeks until I'm due.

It's wreaking havoc with my mental health:(


hope you find a solution.

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Originally Posted by Emerging butterfly View Post

Homeopathic coffee cruda 30 C. 30 minutes before bed, 3 tabs. every 10 minutes. works for my kiddos every time...and me too! 

To clarify, do you mean three at 30 minutes before, three at 20 minutes before and three at 10 minutes before?  Or three at 30 minutes before and then three more every 10 minutes if you wake up and can't get back to sleep?


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I mean 3 tablets 30 minutes before, 20 minutes before and again 10 minutes before bed, and THEN, three if you wake up again and can't get back to sleep blowkiss.gif.
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I'm getting like a good 3 hour chunk (like 10:30-1:30) and then peeing,  and then falling back asleep for another 2-3 hour chunk (3:30 or 4 am) and eating, and then sleeping till DD wakes up (either 7 or 8).  I'm jealous of all you getting 4 hours straight!  Or more!!


TBH, it's not very natural, but taking 2 tylenol and 1/2 a benadryl right before bed is AMAZING and lets me get deep sleep.  Prior to doing this I was sleeping very crappily and not getting any quality sleep when I was asleep.  Oh, and this is pretty much how it is until the baby comes.  


I will gladly take a fussy newborn crying a few times a night over these crappy uncomfortable insomnia starving nights!!

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I keep a tub of almonds by my bed ... (and now, by the loveseat in the TV room where I've moved b/c it's more comfortable!). Originally they were to help with the reflux. Now,they are my midnight (and 2, 3, 4am) snack :) Even if I don't *think* I'm hungry, the little snack helps me get back to sleep.


I wake up many times each night, and know I'm not getting any GOOD sleep, b/c I'm still exhausted when I wake up. Moving to the loveseat helped, as I could not get comfy in my bed no matter what pillow combo I tried. I need the back of the loveseat to lean on. Our couch would be better b/c it's longer, but it's too soft & fluffy. The loveseat is a vintage tufted leftover from about 3 decorating styles ago in MIL's living room ... it's seriously from the late 70s or earlier, but SOO comfy for me right now!

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Thanks ladies.  I'll try the food thing for sure.  I slept better last night so I'm hoping for another better night tonight.  We'll see.  Thanks for the suggestions!

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I do this in all my pg as well, the end is so bad for me. By the time I give birth I am just wiped out, I end up getting more sleep with a newborn. eyesroll.gif This time I just can not deal with day after day on 4 hours of sleep. I've been taking Unisom the entire pg, some nights I sleep well, others I still wake up, but I wake up at 4am for the day instead of 2am if I were not to take it. 

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Ive also been taking calmes forte- a homeopathic treatment that helps calm nerves and assist in sleep.  I also take my calcium magnesium with chamomile tea before  bed.  I think I get about 5-6 hrs straight- which leaves me a zombie.  Im a rally good sleeper usually and need 8-9 to function - no, I dot do well at ALL in the newborn phase!!!

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good thing i logged on today. we have moved to virginia and this week i started having sleeping problems. I'm hoping it's not giong to last the next 7 to 9 weeks. I have a hard time getting comfy since i always seem to have this pain down the left side of my stomach. the only thing that has at all, so far, is going to the bathroom and then sitting on the floor rocking for a couple of hours. i was so exhausted last night that i did break down and have some tylenol. it did help me sleep until DH alarm went off. i was supposed to go to work with him today, but i just couldn't get up that early (had to be up around 5 or 5:30 so we could be there before 7. it doesn't make sense to me why they have it that early when they invite spouses.) i do seem to wake up about every hour to pee, otherwise that's when the pain wakes me up. i do need to put something with protein by bed,  though. part of it could also be stress since the military has decided to delay all our med stuff which makes it impossible for me to see a midwife (the unit on base is full and wont even see me for prenatal appts.) Ah, the joys of moving.

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another reason im in the guest room ;) - yet i still get up to pee and my auto internal clock gets me up at 5- ugh

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I am the same way, waking up every few hours.  I usually have to pee, or my hips hurt and then I have to pee.  I have to stretch a few times a night too.  I have started seeing a chiropractor (I did with my first as well).  I have to do yoga and exercise or else my body just aches and feels too tight!  I think the body wakes us up getting us ready for the impending sleepless nights.  I try to make up the lost hours with a nap whenever I can, which is just as we all should once we have our little ones outside the womb =)



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I am sleeping a tad better.  Not great, but a tad.  Eating more seems to help a bit and I'm a little more comfy.  We'll see how tonight goes.  I wouldn't mind my body practicing for baby, but I'm still working over 40 hrs per week.  I can't nap when I get home because it's too late and then I wouldn't be able to fall asleep.  Oh well. 

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I've been there for the past month. I stay up for hours into the night, have had nights when I hardly slept at all, and often sleep better once the sun is up.

Tried everything: body pillow, hypnosis sleep CD for pregnant women, Skullcap tincture as recommended by my midwife... they all help a little and at times I thought each of these things solved it, but here I am again! 

Now I'm learning to roll with it and sleep whenever I can. Seems that every few nights I can get a good solid stretch of hours in.

Good luck and let me know if you find anything else that helps!

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I've been having insomnia. I'd thought maybe it was done because I'd slept normally (as normally as one can needing to pee 1-2x a night and attending a 2 year old) this past week or two, but here I am again, half-past three in the morning. Awake. 

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