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laundry stains..... help!!!

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I broke down and bought a huge jug of Tide today.  I have been using natural soaps (and still do with my cloth diapers)... but my DS's clothes are getting ruined even though I have spot treated (again, with a natural soap - seventh generation i think).  I know there must be other ways to remove stains and brighten whites without having harsh chemicals in our home, down our drains, and on our clothes.  please help so that I can return this huge jug before I open it.  


for the record: I have added lemon juice to whites.  I have added baking soda to every load to get rid of the stinkies. help!!!


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With the water we have here, I haven't found a good natural approach.  The only detergent that actually gets things clean and bright is Tide (this coming from a woman who SWORE that buying anything non-generic was foolish...)  I also have to use bleach to get my whites truly white.  Otherwise I have a lovely rusty grey/beige/brown thing going on with them. :(



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I used to use Tide religiously until I found Biokleen's Premium detergent:



It also works as a stain treatment if you mix some in a spray bottle with water, but I honestly prefer Fells Naptha bar soap for spot treating. My grandmother still uses it to this day and it works awesome. For fabric softener I just use white vinegar in the rinse cycle.


Hope this helps!

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