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Still here...  Had to talk hospital induction today at my doctor appointment, and I think my tears bought me a couple more days.  I agreed to a BPP and NST on Monday(I'll be 42w1d) and we'll go from there.  I truly hope Monday doesn't come without a baby in my arms.  :/

We had the same EDD smile.gif

I truly hope you have a babe in the next couple of days too. I don't have any medical pressure to induce so i'll deflect all my labour vibes to you this weekend!!!
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And he's here!  Baby boy#3 was born at home last night around 9pm, after a five hour labor.  Cord was wrapped three times around the neck and like a sash around his body, but after lots of unwrapping and some back rubbin' he pinked right up and things are going great!  My first no tear birth too!!



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Yahooo!!!!! The labour vibes worked!!!!  Congratulations on your little guy. Looking forward to the story... :)

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