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Relocating to Columbus, Ohio- would love tips!

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I am a student mama with a toddler (currently almost 17 months). This fall, we are relocating from the San Francisco Bay Area to Columbus, Ohio. I am a tad freaked out, as it is not somewhere that I thought of moving before (OK, I admit it, I am a "coastal snob" bag.gif ).


I am looking for tips on neighborhoods, services, and community. I am an AP mama who is likely going to homeschool and run an in-home daycare. I want to have an urban homestead that supports us and is also fun real-life education for the kids in my life. What neighborhoods would suit me?


I am wondering if anyone knows the Ohio statutes for in-home daycares (I only know the California ones).


I have heard on "game days" there are riots, no matter of OSU wins or loses. How to stay out of that fray?


Any tips on finding affordable housing and PT jobs that aren't craigslist?


I also would love to meet other AP, pagan, queer, and/or poly folks who would like to have their toddlers have playdates with my son (he is losing friends by moving!). Any playgroups that y'all know of?


Things that are important to me: sustainable living (farmer's markets, CSAs, co-ops, crafty people and places, homesteaders), attachment parenting and gentle discipline, herbalism, midwifery, wildlife rehabilitation (out here, I rehab crows and ravens), nature (woods, lakes, rivers, the ocean, etc.), witchcraft and paganism, community building and social justice, Unitarian Universalism, teaching/education, homeschooling, unschooling, animals (my son also loves animals)- especially birds (we have parrots, I love corvids).


Please feel free to chime in with any tips or anything that springs to mind!


Thank you in advance!

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I think you will love it here and find lots of the things you love(and mentioned)! Will you be attending OSU? Do you want to live close to campus? Don't worry about the riots lol, they happen but it seems like they are contained to the crazy partying crowd close to the stadium and on campus...

There is a great UU church in Clintonville. Our family attends there at times. www.firstuucolumbus.org

Also check out http://forum.columbusapvillage.com

Columbus is very diverse. You would like Comfest  www.comfest.com, there's a big Pride Parade each summer too. There is a big population of GLBT people here. Great zoo your DS will love. Great farmer's markets, great parks, great restaurants, great bike trails,lots to see and do. I know others will post more. If you do want to live close to campus check out the neighborhoods of: Old North Columbus, Clintonville, Beechwold,Worthington, Short North.


Another great website for the inside scoop: www.columbusunderground.com.

Ok, I'm rambling!



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Thank you columbusmama! I will check those links out. I plan on checking out the UU church for sure- it looks a lot like the one here in Oakland...(I will miss it).

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*Bump* !!!


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I wouldn't worry too much about the riots unless you live fairly close to campus. If in doubt as to whether a given location might be risky, any Columbus resident should be able to help you figure out--I know I'd be willing to field requests of "Is such-and-such street okay?" I'm not so sure about the other stuff--I too would love to get more plugged into the alternative parenting community in Columbus. But there is a lot going on here and I'm sure you can find places where you'll be comfortable.

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I just moved here myself about a month ago, though I only came from about 3 hours north. Are you planning to live in the city? If you choose a suburb I think you will find everything you're looking for and then some. We live in canal Winchester but also love pickerington, grove city, Westerville, and upper Arlington (which I think is actually in the city) to name a few. If you look up Columbus metroparks you will find child heaven... Haha. Walking and biking paths, nature and hiking trails, ponds, natural play areas and playgrounds... I don't think ive heard a mean word since I arrived here. It may be my jaded small town USA everyone-is-hostile background that makes me feel that way, but we love it and are never going back!

We are very country and minalmist here as well as ap and NFL (the best we know how anyway... Were still learning!) I wouldn't go so far as to say that country, crunchy, ap parenting is the norm around here, but I'll say that people are very kind and respectful of whatever you choose for your family. Where I'm from, being Christian and ap basically meant I couldn't be in the same vicinity with a mainstream atheist. Here I feel like it doesnt really matter... People don't go running in the other direction when they see me nip or learn I'm a christian.

I was panicked too... I'm 22 dh is 26 and our kiddos are 34 mo and 5 mo. It's really daunting to start over in a brand new place you don't know (I didn't even get to see our place before moving day!) without all the people you and ds are used to. But I think you will love it here and literally find your tribe. One last thought is you might want to check out dr sant at whole kids pediatrics if you're looking for a ped. She is very ap NFL friendly, supports breastfeeding, holistic wellness, and incorporates yoga as treatment. Both kids have been ill since we got here and both visits I have been thrilled. Best wishes for your family for the big move!
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Oh I forgot... My ds loves birds! Pickerington ponds metroparks bird observation is by far the best ive been to!
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Thanks everyone! Sounds like a great place to live.


Does anyone know about getting licensed as a daycare provider?

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Originally Posted by Lillitu View Post

Thanks everyone! Sounds like a great place to live.


Does anyone know about getting licensed as a daycare provider?


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