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I had a scheduled c-section for breech with my first. My second was breech as well, but I had a successful ECV. I did Hypnobabies and had a very easy VBAC. 


I am pregnant again and already started seeing a chiropractor. As others have mentioned Spinning Babies is great as well. Don't obsess, but there are something you can do early to help encourage a good position.


When the first c-section is for breech, I think it is best to stick to positive books like Ina May's Guide to Childbirth, The Thinking Women's Guide to a Better Birth, Birthing from Within, etc.


I have had a VBAC but am pregnant with #3 and am reading Open Season for doula certification and it is kind of traumatizing for me. Books like Silent Knife (by the same author) might not be what you need. 


I had the Hypnobabies VBAC tracks when preparing for my VBAC, but felt they are better suited to someone who had an unplanned c-section. For those of us who have had scheduled c-sections, the normal Hypnobabies program is more than enough preparation on its own. It is a great program for  releasing fear and programming you with positivity and confidence. It covers everything you need to know for natural childbirth preparation like breathing, relaxation, nutrition, exercise, movement in labor, optimal fetal positioning, etc. and you learn great self-hypnosis tools to reduce or eliminate pain in your birthing time. Hypnobabies also has a home study option if there is not a teacher in your area. Whether you do Bradley, Hypnobabies, Birthing from Within or something else, invest the time and money into a good, solid birth preparation program. The classes taught at most hospitals are not the same as an independent class.


A doula can be a great help, even if the husband is a good partner. The doula often gives the husband confidence and reassurance so he can better help. For a VBAC, especially, a doula can be a great source of information about hospital/care provider practices and local options for everything birth/pregnancy-related. As long as you connect with the doula, it will be money well-spent.