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annoying toys....

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are there some other mothers they hate battery operatet toys
which kind of annoying children's toys you would like to smash with a hammer ?
have you ever smashed a irritating child's toy ?

please write a little ;-)

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MY MIL thinks the best toys are colorful plastic and play lots of annoying music over and over.  Especially ones with songs that get stuck in your head.  have not yet hit one with a hammer.....but it may be coming.

The problem is.  My 18 mo loves them.....sigh.

The 2 annoying "books"  keep him happy in the car  (but I can turn my music up in the car)



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electronic toys

hi smile.gif

have one of your kids ever had a electronic singing or musical toy that sounded funny while the battery was going low ?

its very funny to see a annoying musical toy dying mischievous.gif



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Yup!! That's why we switched we wooden, the plastic crap was too annoying and couldn't catch dd's interest for more than a minute or so.

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I've heard of people microwaving the toys for a few seconds to zap the sound chips.  I just slapped some packaging tape over the speaker to lower the volume.  Many kids are attracted to the details on certain toys that just aren't duplicated with wood toys.  Wood ones beyond basic blocks and train sets were never a huge hit with my ds.

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Oh yes, we got a Mr Potato Head that was sort of an early video game type thingy for really little kids. Picked it up in a box of other things on Freecycle. That horrid thing had the worst, most annoying voice, AND it was impossible to turn off! It would sit there quietly for a while and you'd think you were safe, and then a piercing, ear-splitting voice from somewhere would startle the socks off me when my guard was down. It's a hammer-worthy toy for sure.


And there was the time when my little one was SO small I had never received hand-me-down toys yet. It was our first bag of toys given to me by a friend. I was driving home with it in the back of the car--I hadn't really looked to see what was in the bag--and we hit a bump or made a turn, and the toys shifted and all of a sudden there's a VOICE coming from the back of my car. Nearly gave me a heart attack. Apparently something had leaned on one of its buttons and made it start talking. Pretty funny.


There was an unexpected aspect to those irksome electronic toys, though. (most of which we got as gifts or from yard sales) As annoying as they are, they always enabled me to know what my child was doing. As long as I could hear the annoying sound, I knew what he was doing and I could maybe get something done.  :-)

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I've never smashed one, but, more than a few loud noisemakers have gotten "lost"! lol
Some of the noisemaking toys have such cheaply made sound chips that they have a terrible tone, or, they're so loud I actually fear there may be a risk of hearing loss.
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Never smashed one, but when GMIL asks for more toys the kids can keep at her house, I am MORE than happy to oblige.

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We have an airplane shape sorter with the most annoying voice. "This is your captain!" ugh... shudder cold.gif
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One daycare boy brought over this monkey that sits on the floor for a while, then he suddenly stands up and flips over.... only he never makes his landing, so he just flips over and falls down. 


Those half super balls that you turn inside out and set on a table and wait for it to pop in the air.  Cute once.. but, after a while it's just irritating.

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No, I haven't, but I'm also reasonably sane too so that might have something to do with it.


I have however taken the batteries out, it's easy, and far less traumatizing to the kids.

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I just donate them shortly after we get them.   Even though I want to smash some, I don't want to be wasteful, and maybe someone else likes noisy toys.  



If we get them and they don't have batteries installed, I don't put them in!  

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We just got an Elmo guitar that drove me crazy. We brought it to Grammy's and left it there. It really is annoying.

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My mom got my 2-year-old this ridiculously annoying keyboard from a garage sale, from the days when keyboards had that terrible tinny noise, and it plays all sorts of annoying songs, all very loudly. I took it to her house and left it there for grandkids to play with there.
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My DH was out of town when the batteries in our cash register went out. It was like 1am and it was making this high-pitched buzz. I woke up and I thought it was the smoke detector at first and then I couldn't figure out where the sound was coming from. Finally I called DH almost pankicking because I thought it was some type of alarm I didn't know about. He kept asking me if I was delirious. After about ten minutes of searching, I finally found the offending toy. Then of course, I had to get a screw driver to take the batteries out. Toys can certaily be interesting when the batteries die:)

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Annoying Toys

Have you ever broken an battery operated toy which have made some annoying noises or sounds ?
if yes,which kind of toy was it

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Ahahahaha, I personally haven't but a friend of mine not only took out the batteries, but also ripped out the microchips! The kids had figured out the batteries so she took the next step!

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I mute them with duct tape over the speaker. Thankfully, we've outgrown the stage where other people buy those kind of toys.

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I've never broken them, I am very bad at remembering to charge batteries though :lol


That said we had very few toys where the beeping was essential. We had lots of stuff like the FP little people where batteries add sound effects but the toys are still fine to play with without the extra noise.


The few things which only worked with the batteries also tended to not have many play options and the kids lost interest in them pretty quickly, even without my battery charging abilities. We still have a few in storage in case the kids suddenly remember them but for the most part they have grown out of those sort of things. Now I'm constantly telling them to turn CDs down!

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We've only gotten them as gifts from people that don't know us very well!


I put in really old batteries or don't put them in at all, and then they get donated soon after. 


I wouldn't break them, because someone else probably could use them and likes them, where as they drive me insane!

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