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TF and type 1 diabetes in newly diagnosed 13 yo ds ??? - Page 4

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Before I read this thread I just want to send a hug2.gif. It's tough, I know! My 19 yo. diagnosed at 16. Hard with a teenager! Off to read the thread......
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Well this thread went south fast. Not much to add. Wish you and your ds well, OP.
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Originally Posted by BubblingBrooks View Post

The number one item that a diabetic should get on, and stay on, is the fermented cod liver oil.Triple dose if possible, but a single will do Several things will happen. No issues with infections and slow healing.
Liver will function at its best. Eyes will be better protected, as will the heart.

WAPF has done a great deal of research on this, and it was through them that we totally changed DHs issues with type 1.
He was a new man in no time at all due to the FCLO.

Equally as important, is to get on a high zinc supplement. You will often hear that diabetics should take zinc, but you will not hear why. Zinc prevents the blood sugar from bouncing and will keep the A1C numbers in check.

And of course, raw dairy (please do not stress to the extreme about the A1 and A2 right off that bat. If type 1 is already diagnosed, then its not going to make a difference in the type) and any and all traditional nutrient dense animal foods you can get your hands on.

Getting your child in the kitchen cooking with you, and creating fun new and improved recipes will make learning to eat this way better in the long run.

My son was just diagnosed in Dec 2012, he's 8 years old.  He's always taken CLO until diagnosis then we stopped it for a bit (we ran out and had to wait for the order to come in).  Well, we restarted 3 days ago and his BG readings have been up around 300 since we added it back in.  Have you ever heard of such a thing?  


To the OP, we've also been eating a primal/TF type diet for a few years now and the hospital diet totally bothered us.  We are now trying to slowly get back to our way of eating, while still being mindful of our son's carb requirements.  From my research, our children need a certain amount of carbs while taking insulin to grow properly.  So, instead of decreasing the carbs the doc told us to give him, I try to be more mindful of the carbs I'm giving him.  We try to stick to quinoa, potatoes, fruits, some brown rice, soaked oats, and some better quality wheat bread (Ezekial right now).  I don't like feeding my DS wheat, but we are not pumping and are on a very strict eating schedule (we're overseas and this is how diabetes is managed here:  2 insulin injections a day of a long lasting insulin and a regular insulin, food and carbs are based on peaks of insulin so my son must eat at 8am, 10am, noon, 3pm, 5pm, 8pm) so meal planning has been a bit challenging.  Sometimes I go to the T1D boards and parents talk about all this processed crap they give their children (granola bars, cereal, fruit snacks, etc. . .), and sometimes I think about how much easier it would be just to hand my DS a 25 carb granola bar for his snack instead of a nice mix of whole foods.  

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Originally Posted by Lazurii View Post

Did I say to stop insulin therapy?  I said that as soon as insulin is introduced then the body will stop producing it's own insulin.  This is all true.  And, yes, the best way to prolong the honeymoon period is to keep blood glucose levels as normal as possible.  But if her son is still producing insulin (and I said IF) then he may be able to control his BG by eating less carbs.  If it's not possible to keep level by reducing carbs then, yes, he will most certainly need insulin therapy.


I showed my diabetic Hubby this thread and he was the OP to know that 25 carbs a meal is AMAZING.  Keep it up.

No.  A type 1 diabetic needs basal insulin even if they never put another morsel of food in their mouth. 

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Originally Posted by thedomesticdiva View Post

I am not planning on taking my son off of the insulin.  I do not believe, however, that 75 carbs a meal and lots of insulin is healthy.  For 4 years, I have given him food made by GOD, simple and nourishing.  That still makes sense to me.  Thanks for your concern. 


We drink raw, grass-fed Jersey milk and lots of kefir.  There is really no need for more debate about this :)


Bubblingbrooks, we do the cod liver oil but I think I might up his dosage.  From the studies I have seen, I wish we had started sooner.


If anyone could please offer any more advice about feeding him TF, I would greatly appreciate it.  Specifically I was interested in lowering the carbs, and how to treat the higher fat for carb calculations.


Thanks again.







Since you posted about God, do you not understand that we live in a fallen world, and even if we eat all God-given food, we still might get sick?  75 is really not that many carbs for an adolescent boy.  Adults can get by with much less, but children need (healthy) carbs.  God made apples and carrots and strawberries and whole grains, too.

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This is an old thread.  I'm not sure it serves the community to revive it in a negative spirit.

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Ugh, I can't believe how negative this is. . .I thought if I asked my question I'd get some answers, not people being rude to one another.  My DS was just diagnosed in December and I need all the help I can get. . .I DON'T need to get in the middle of an argument when all we're all trying to do is do what's best with this horrible disease.

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i didn't read the debate, but...all auto-immune diseases are related.  much of the current research is leaning towards the idea that they are not separate diseases per se, but just a continuuum of auto-immunity.  as such, i would recommend that any diabetic go on a wheat and gluten-free diet.


read the book Life Without Bread by Dr. Christian Allan and Dr. Wolfgang Lutz.  Theirs is not a gluten-free but a low-carb approach to healing diabetes. 


sorry about the lower-case typing, my kiddos dropped the computer...

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