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So, who else is in Western Washington?

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The last thread I wrote has me curious how many of us are in the Western Washington area?  I'm in West Seattle.

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I'm in Olympia!

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I posted it in the last thread- I'm outside of Tacoma.  In a really really tiny town I guarantee nobody has ever heard of :)

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Ash, now I'm just curious!  Tell us!  orngbiggrin.gif


I grew up in Lynnwood and have lived in Bellingham (WWU graduate) and the Ravenna area of Seattle.  Dh grew up in Bonney Lake.  Then we  moved... to Tucson, AZ; Austin, TX; Baltimore, MD and soon Urbana-Champaign, IL. 

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I know, Ash, geez  ;)


I lived in Puyallup for a while and had stomping grounds in most of the surrounding areas, though I grew up in Fairwood.  My husband is a born and raised Seattleite from the north end.

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But if I tell you the name any creepy creeper online could come murder me.  Haha.  I will say, its in between Tacoma and Bremerton, if that gives you a better idea of the location...and if you know the area, you know there is just barely anything between those two places.


Its awesome to see some local people on here!

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Kenmore here. I was born/raised here, spent a year or 2 in Bothell, couple years in Louisville, KY when dh and I were first married/dd born, a couple years in Portland, a year in Woodinville, and now I'm reeeally hoping to just get comfy in Kenmore and stick around here awhile :)

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I'm in the area too, let's say near Tacoma.

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Cool!  Nice to see some other Washingtonians!

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Me, me!! I'm in Fairwood (Renton/Maple Valley area)!!


Hello! joy.gif

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Hello LunaLady!  Please, bring me some Shakey's Pizza  ;)

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Hello :)


We actually haven't eaten there, yet!! We just moved here last fall (well, that's quite a while ago, now, but it still seems like it was just yesterday!). We've had more Papa Murphy's than I'd like to admit, though ROTFLMAO.gif

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I grew up on Shakey's and I've been craving is like crazy since getting pregnant!  We always loved their pizza and an order of "Mojos" which are yummy round sliced potatoes with seasoning.  I keep hoping it's as good as I remember, but I've been afraid of finding out maybe it's actually more like Chuck-E-Cheese! blush.gif  LOL


Where did you live before?


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I grew up in Kent/Federal Way area and then lived in Puyallup when my parents moved when I was 18, and then moved in with my DH (then boyfriend) in Northgate/Lake City area when I was 19, then we moved to Kenmore/Kirkland area after we got married in 2008, and last year we bought our house in Fairwood. So I've lived a little of everywhere! thumb.gif


My dad works in West Seattle - maybe you know his shop? It's Swedish Automotive on 35th. Great place if you need work on a Saab, Volvo, Subaru or Mini biggrinbounce.gif

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I do know that shop!  At least, I've driven by it many a time.  Also, kind of funny that we've had a lot of the same stomping grounds, in pretty much the same order, too, because my family is in a lot of those locations!  It's a small world, eh?  winky.gif

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It is a small world!! But, this is a wonderful area of the world in which to live - so I'm not surprised to see so many people from here! :D


I could use some more sunshine this 'summer', though.... It's been rather bleak!!

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My SIL lives in Puyallup.  Are any of you involved in parenting groups around there?  I know she's gotten involved a bit with the Tacoma Children's Museum outings and she goes to that park with the stage in downtown Puyallup all the time.  I would be great if she could meet up with more like-minded mamas than she has been able to so far.

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I've looked on MeetUp.com and there are LOTS of parenting groups in the Seattle/Tacoma area. Lots of groups for every interest and style of parenting. She should check it out! :)

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She did check some of those out.  I guess some are not very active and others are not very good.  I think one of them is the one that goes to the Children's Museum, though I'm not sure.  I hooked her up with all those groups and Yahoo Groups and API and LLL, but I guess not a lot is terribly active or terribly close.  Driving with little ones can sometimes not feel worth the trip.

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Oh, yes I can understand. I'm sorry she hasn't found anything close to her! The library also sometimes has groups, so if she hasn't checked that? 


That's all I can think of! thumb.gif

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