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Originally Posted by Code Name Mama View Post

I'm with dashley and Jaime - Kieran (now 3.5yrs) has always heard proper body part names, and we've been very open about how babies develop in the uterus, and that babies come out of the mama's vagina. I've told him his own birth story many times - for awhile he was requesting it as a nightly bedtime story.
When he has asked in the past how baby gets in the uterus, I've told him that mama has an egg and papa has a sperm, and we watched that video (it circulated on FB for awhile) that shows a really cool computer generated sperm fertilizing the egg, then the baby develops.
That has satisfied him so far.

The other day, he had just gotten out of the shower and was admiring himself in the mirror, and he said "mama, I love my testicles." I said, "did you know what is in your testicles?" He said, "no, what?!" I said "sperm!" He said, "sperm? Like in a baby?" I said yes, that it was the same sperm needed to make a baby. He was thoughtful for a minute and then said, "mama, how does the sperm get out of my testicles?" I said, "it can come out of your penis." He giggled like a fiend. A few minutes later he said, "mama, I don't want to be a papa when I grow up." I asked why, and he said "because I don't want sperm to come out of my penis." wink1.gif I told him that he never had to be a papa if he didn't want to be. But inside I was thinking, just wait, kid!

That is too cute! I guess I just don't want the kids to misuse the words....


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Cute story, CodeName!

My girls know the proper names for everything, really, I just haven't discussed their own vaginas as nothing is going on there yet. They know the baby is in my uterus and will come out of my vagina. They have never asked about their own. They will tell me if they have a problem with their vulva, though! It's odd... Neither of them have been openly curious about their bodies, even when really young. They never ask questions! Maybe they are really modest... I swear, I didn't do it! I'm very open!!

My cute story: when dd2 was born, dd1 was 2.5 yrs. One day, we were admiring cute little naked dd2.... Saying things like, "look at your cute little nosey!" etc. Dd1 looks at dd2 and in a cutesy baby voice says, "look at your cute little vulva!" I thought it was hilarious! We had a little (nice) talk about personal areas after that. smile.gif
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Originally Posted by IwannaBanRN View Post

That is too cute! I guess I just don't want the kids to misuse the words....


I think it's *more* important to teach kids the correct names for all of their parts - one of the biggest frustrations to police/social workers (and heck, parents) is that kids might not be able to tell them exactly what happened in a horrifying situation of sexual abuse. IMO Kids need to be given the power to know their own bodies. Bodies are fascinating, yes, and I'm sure you will have a funny story about a word being said in the company of others, but I think that is SO common that it's nothing to worry about. KWIM?

TalkToMeNow - love it!! Kieran has said something like that too, I can't remember what the context was though.
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I am SO glad to hear this! My 4.5 year old has been telling random people that he will poop on their heads and the more people react, of course, the more he does it.


We are religious, and my kids (4.5 and 3.5) were satisfied with we prayed to Gd to give us a baby and He decided this was a good time. They've asked how it will come out, and I explained that women have a special hole in their bodies called a vagina where babies can come out, and after checking to make sure they came out from there too, they were fine with that. The four year old asked whether the baby could fall out early and I explained that it doesn't usually open up until it is time for the baby to come out but sometimes a baby does come early and then it can be very sick. My four year old knows that the baby is in a special place called the uterus inside my tummy; my three year old tells everyone that Mommy has a baby in a ball in her tummy (because that's what it feels like to him when he asks to touch the place the baby is).


Our rule of thumb in dealing with kids is never to lie to them. (I fully believe that prayer had a great deal to do with this baby.) So I may simplify as much as I can, but if they ask follow up questions, I answer honestly. It's happened before that I've told my son I would answer a question when he was old enough to understand the answer better, and (surprisingly, considering his curiosity) he accepted that without any trouble. I don't think I'd say that for a biological process, though. I think it was when my mother-in-law's best friend was dying and he wanted to understand how they knew she was dying and what inside her made her sick enough to die. We talked to him about the basics of cancer, but I decided the gruesome details about which body functions were shutting down how and why could wait until he had a better sense of anatomy. We got a book on skeletons and started discussing the body in general, to give him some context, but he wasn't interested, so I told him we'd wait for the greater explanation until he understood more.


Originally Posted by Jaimee View Post

Dd is 4.5 and full on into pee, poop, penis, vagina stage.  A frequent exclamation from  here is "I just pooped on your face!"  Lovely.  And just the other day she was apparently having a conversation with her little friend (who is almost 5) and was talking about how she has a vagina and her brother has a penis. The friend ran to her father and exclaimed that my dd was using "potty language."  Sigh...  At any rate, that story explains where we stand on the body part issue.  We have always used the correct terms and she knows that babies grow in my tummy and come out my vagina.  She also knows that daddy put sperm inside my vagina with his penis and that is how the baby was made.  She kept asking clarifying questions so we kept adding details until she had all the facts.  I'm not sure if she remembers it all, but she sure is fascinated by body parts these days!


I agree that it's best to start extremely simple and get more detailed depending on the questions they ask.


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