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to aid the body when given vaccines...


I was wondering who has done this, what brand or what homeopathic kit you used and where it was purchased?


We selectively vax and delay vax our kids but would like to begin supporting their bodies throughout the process by using homeopathic remedies...



ps would love to know soon so I can get cracking with the purchasing of what is needed.

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I just started with my three year old I found this http://www.drfeder.com/index.php?page=articles&action=viewArticle&articleID=161 helpful. Today was her first DTaP she seemed to do really well so far-no pain or swelling, no fever and fine mood. I will be keeping a close eye for the next few days but thus far seems fine. We have used homeopathics in the past with great success so I was happy to find this info.


Good Luck!

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