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DD likes McDonalds once in a blue moon, and I like their iced coffee.  Mmm.  Iced coffee. We go through the drive through once in a while to satisfy her need for a really gross cheeseburger, and my need for a LOT of caffeine.  I've never heard of cake being on the menu, though I think there was a party I attended once when I was about 5....  that was.. well.. long enough ago that it has no bearing on today. :P



On the other hand- chocolate cheesecake- YUM!  I may just have to make some of that.  I've been having trouble getting enough calories in lately, a sliver of that should solve that problem for about a year in one fell swoop!

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oh believe me; my cheesecake has no calories as it's partaken of as part of cult practice. Activities undertaken for religious purposes contain no calories; everyone knows that!

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MF, so happy for you!! So glad you all were able to come to a good resolution.


I am stressing. We have an exchange student from China arriving next Thursday. She's 45 and has a son the same age as my oldest dd. She's staying for 10 weeks. Should be a great time, but I've got to get back into the groove of things as far as housecleaning and cooking so everything will run smoothly while she's here. 


Did someone say McDonald's cake? Ew. :P 

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wow, FB! a mature-age exchange student; that's pretty cool!


maybe what you need is a live-in helper...


So, I have some more big news; actually I need help making a decision. (as always). XDH has been asked by his boss to go for 3 months to work at the head office in San Francisco. Because it's for so long, they have offered to pay for me and DD to accompany him, and they'll give us an apartment and company car for the time we're there.

Basically, it would be an all expenses paid 3 months in San Fran!!! I could spend the fall in the US! I could do all the midwifery workshops I want to do (ohmahgosh!), I could visit beloved friends! We could do all sorts of awesome, interesting stuff in California. Connect with SF unschooling families. Go to the Sequoia Forest National Park and see the big trees again. It's the most phthhhsdflkxcvisenfffff amazing opportunity evah!  I might even be able to accept an offer I got to attend a birth in Dominica in November.


buuuuuut... well, it's really soon - they want an answer this week and a final leaving date this month - in 3-4 weeks at most. It would be a lot to organise. I'd have to find a housesitter or something. DD would miss her friends (but she does really want to go). I would miss my girlfriend like CRAZY, and she's really fragile at the moment. I have 2 clients already booked that I wouldn't be able to give proper pre-natal care too - one I might miss the birth of. and it might end up sucking, being stuck there if things go pear-shaped with XDH. I also kinda feel like I just want to be at home for a while, and not travel. but maybe that's not my lot in life, haha!


gah! I hate making big decisions.

what do you all think?

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Um, I think you should do it, but I might be ever so slightly biased since it means I might get to actually see you. If you do I will totally come to San Fran, or you are always welcome here too. I've been wanting a San Fran do over since when I was there last I fell and injured my foot and ankle really badly and all but ruined my trip. 

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I agree. Come to the US. Have a good time.

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yeah, well, now (after nearly a week of saying he wants to), XDH is now saying he doesn't want to go. because he won't enjoy being there.

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How anyone could not enjoy SF is beyond me. 


If you do end up coming, we must meet! 


I will even bring you cake! (Because it's my favorite food, not because it's a calorie-free religious stipulation.)

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you haven't met my XDH. But to be fair, he honestly doesn't enjoy *anything*.

and cake is a religious stipulation *because* its everyone's favourite food. As cult leader, I'm very much like the King in The Little Prince.

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Pretty please with cherries on top?? 

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hey, if FB is promising cherries on top... how could I refuse?!

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Originally Posted by majikfaerie View Post

hey, if FB is promising cherries on top... how could I refuse?!

Exactly!!! :)

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well, it's not entirely up to me.

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Time for Plan B, MF?

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plan B, being I somehow find someone else who wants to pay for me and DD to come to the US for  a while?

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Operation, Find MF a Sugar Momma!


Can I have one too?

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Happy Birthday Ruthla!




I know she hasn't been in here for a while, but still.


also, I'm strongly encouraging everyone to put "Cult of Majikfaerie" under religion on their census forms.

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I really want cake.

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cake it is!

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What kind?? I saw a nutritionist this week and my diet is now even more restrictive. :( Trying to balance my hormones out once and for all and rid my body of candida. So frustrating! 

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