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My girls are here.

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I posted this in Parenting Multiples as well but wanted to share here also (especially with the PAL ladies):


My girls were born last Tues at 32.6 after my water broke in the middle of the night. It was really quite amazing how it all worked out. I'm going to c&p from a local group I belong to since I'm almost done pumping. I fully expected the best case scenario to be a vag birth of A followed by a csection - but this dr had his coffee that morning and was all about a breech birth. I still can't believe it happened!




Our girls were a week ago today and their birth has been very much the subject of discussion at Met hospital and probably a few other places. My water broke in the middle of the night getting me a quick ride off of my unit over to the high risk side. A well meaning dr asked me what my plans were, I'm sure expecting to be performing a c-section shortly after. I wanted to at least birth Baby A (Audrey) vaginally since she was head down. Baby B had turned breech just a few days before and C was head down as well. This of course led to much discussion because nobody does this and they weren't really happy with me. But I didn't feel like we were in an emergency situation and wanted to proceed in a way that would be safe for the babies and still be prepared if it changed to an emergency situation. Fortunately these babies took just slightly longer to be born than my last two and didn't come until after change of shift. Dr Polsky came on and looked at the situation and actually came into my room full of positivity. He felt that given my history and his experience, I was a good person to try birthing vaginally. I was 3cm when I got there at 2AM and 10cm when I went into the operating room somewhere close to 10:30. Audrey (4lb 2oz) was born first and put on top of me just like with any other birth. Sophia (4lb 2oz) was next born breech and Nina (3lb 5oz) as well both 3 min apart. For how dramatic I expected things to be it was relatively calm and we got to look at each baby for maybe a minute before they took her away. We found out later that triplets have not been born vaginally in the hospital for at least 25 yrs if ever. So if Dr Polsky felt proud of himself, he should! This birth may not have been drug free in a pool in my living room but was certainly amazing!! I felt safe being prepped for a csection already that if anything changed my babies would be born quickly and safely. I really wanted my babies to have all the health benefits of being born vaginally and they are doing really well. Audrey needed no breathing assistance, Sophia was on CPAP for just a few hours and Nina pulled the CPAP out the following morning. I'm sure we are facing some ups & downs since they are still preemies at not quite 33weeks, but overall things are good.  

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That's amazing!  Wow Leslie, congratulations to you.  Your doctor is today's hero. ;)  Glad the girls are doing so well - would love to see updates, but understand if from now on you have no time whatsoever. ;)

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Wow- Congratulations!  Amazing...so glad that the Dr. you ended up getting was willing to let them be birthed vaginally.

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Congratulations!! What a great story, I'm so glad your doctor was on board to attempt a vaginal birth. Can't wait to see pictures of the girls - whenever you get a chance of course!

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Wow!  What an amazing story!  Those are some pretty good sized babies too!

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joy.gif joy.gif joy.gif  


Congratulations, Leslie!!!  I am so, so, so happy for you!!!

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Amazing! I'm proud of you and your awesome doctor too! Congratulations--3 little girls and all doing well! What a huge blessing!
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What a fantastic story.  Very inspiring for mom of multiples as well as the hospital staff.  Congratulations.  Wishing you all the best!

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Wow!  Congratulations.  So amazing.

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This is an amazing birth story! So many congratulations to you and your family~

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How amazing!! Congratulations on three little girls! luxlove.gifluxlove.gifluxlove.gif

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Congratulations! Welcome to the world, baby girls!!! 

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DDCC to say that's totally awesome and amazing! Congratulations!

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DDCC from August DDC - Congrats on your three wonderful little girls! I hope that your little cuties can come home soon!

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Wow-- that's incredible!  I've always heard that higher order multiples HAD to be sections.  Congratulations!  I hope your stay in the hospital is easy and short, and you get to take your babies home soon. 

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Wow- how amazing! Congrats!

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what an inspiration! Way to go mama, you're a rockstar!!!!
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Wow, what a great story!  Good luck with the girls as they grow and get stronger.

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Originally Posted by jillybeans View Post

what an inspiration! Way to go mama, you're a rockstar!!!!


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WOW!!! Congrats mama and family!!! All the best to you and your little girls:)


Glad you got to have such a great birth experience!!!!

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