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What an amazing story! I am so glad to hear your babies are doing well. Congrats!

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True power! That is awesome, my hair was standing up reading it, and I am all choked up! Amazing MOMMA!

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oh, lesliesara I am so incredibly happy for you!!! I just told DH and he was smiling and saying how great that was. I've just so been hoping for you that your girls arrived safe and sound, and you did it! I would love to see pictures if you're up to it and find a second free with your new busy bundles. joy.gifgoodvibes.gif
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Aw thanks guys. All I did was ask and then stall the other doctor until shift change. He was definitely the rockstar of obstetrics that day. It was definitely a big deal around the hospital. But I couldn't have done it by myself. I really though that at shift change I would have to make a decision to give in and have a c-section. The hard part of this was that my mother was really upset with me. I don't think she really thought that I had my babies best interest first. She wanted me to just listen to the doctor and do what I was told. In the end there was no emergency situation. No cord prolapse - the waters were intact for both other babies and everything was fine. All three babies are in the NICU but doing well. One had an infection at the start of the week that was scary but is over now. All are attempting to nurse, two better than the third. It will just take time for it to all come together so they can come home.

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DDCC from August, also.... to say congratulations, and how wonderful and amazing and inspiring that is!  bow2.gif  All hail you and the doctor!  Blessings on your daughters....  May they be home with you, soon!


I am very impressed - but, even more - very happy for you!  mecry.gif<------ good tears

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DDCC to say, big congrats.  What an amazing birth legacy to give to your three new daughters!

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Congrats mama!! What an amazing birth story! luxlove.gif

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I am amazed about the way you got to birth your babies! I would have never thought that the hospital system would have let you. Congratulations to your wonderful birth.

We are ready for photos, BTW....

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DDCC to offer my congratulations to you and your family! It's an amazing birth story. What a triumph for natural birth. 

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Amazing!  I love your story.  You are so lucky that you got an open-minded Dr & got to do a natural birth...doesn't matter if it wasn't the ideal water birth situation.  Your Dr deserves a medal!  Tell him to write a story to be published so other Drs will be willing to do natural birth for multiples.


Hope you are all doing well!

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