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TV Ad about Importance of 40-week Gestation!

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I just saw an ad on TV about the importance of letting your baby gestate to full, full-term. They specifically said, "you're putting your baby in danger when you schedule an early induction or cesarean--let your baby grow for at least 40 weeks!" I was floored, but am really happy! It was sponsored by our state's dept of health, so I'm guessing they aren't playing everywhere. I'm glad we're doing something to turn the tide of early elective inductions & c/s. Hopefully it has good results!

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Excellent! Who was the PSA put out by? Surely not the ACOG!

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I haven't seen it but I've heard some things about the March of Dimes putting out a PSA. That might be it. 

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wow, I'm surprised. That's awesome!

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No organization was mentioned in the ad except the OK State Dept of Health.


I believe they got a grant--I saw it mentioned in the Science & Sensibility blog a while back (http://www.scienceandsensibility.org/?p=2809). I clicked on the link in S&S, and it links to an OU Children's Hospital page that says they've launched a statewide "Every Week Counts Collaborative to end elective deliveries prior to 39 weeks" and that it's "An Initiative of the Oklahoma State Department of Health and multiple partners aiming to reduce infant mortality and other adverse birth outcomes as well as reduce racial disparities for such outcomes." I do think they might be using a MOD toolkit for their stuff, so the ad may be playing elsewhere too. Definitely not sponsored by ACOG, though!

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Actually, ACOG is also in favor of the "not before 39 weeks" campaign. There was a big study a year or two ago and ACOG has been getting the word out not to schedule before 39.


Sometimes, the problem isn't ACOG. Sometimes, the problem is that its members don't listen to what it says. ACOG also says not to induce for a big baby and that elective CS is an "option" (not "required" or "recommended") over 5000g. Even the old, overly conservative ACOG VBAC guideline was that it was a safe option for women with a single transverse incision in a hospital with on-site OB and anesthesia. And I can find you plenty of OBs who ignored both those guidelines.

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I'm aware of ACOG's guidelines that agree, but the ad is from the MOD toolkit and paid for by Ok's Dept of Health...
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I can't find anything on the YouTube... does anyone have a link to watch an ad?
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