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could really large nipples be the problem?

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For the "proper latch" as diagramed or demostrated for me everytime, baby needs to get most of the areola into the mouth, more of the bottom than the top, and have the fish lips where lips are pursed outwards.  When this is acheived, there should be no pain, at least not after the first few minutes.  However, what if you have really harge nippes. Not the areola but the nipple themselves, like the size of your index finger just before getting to that very first top knuckle.  Would that make it harder for baby to get the right amount of areola in the mouth or affect anything?  Just curious as I was trying to figure out what I am doing wrong if anything.  Its only been a little over a week for us breastfeeding, we are still in the early stages and I know there will be some pain as this is #5 for me to BF but I just wondered. 


The pain does subside a few minutes after nursing (sometimes)  Side lying is the worst as far as pain goes and yet since we co-sleep that is what I do the most of.  I don't know if its something I am doing wrong in that position either since the pain gets a little better as the day goes on (i do cradle or football holding during the day) but is always painful again during the night as we do side lying all night. 

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My index finger doesn't seem very big so I'm having a hard time conceptualizing, but yes, large nipples can make bf more painful at the beginning. I had a client a while back who had very large nipples and she just hurt for awhile until the baby's mouth grew. I looked everywhere for info on what to do and it all just said wait for the baby's mouth to grow.

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