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Retraction in Canada

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Is there a resource like this: http://www.mothering.com/community/forum/thread/129378/a-warning-for-parents-of-intact-sons for Canadians?

I'm so, so angry and sad right now.Six month old DS had blood in his urine in two out of three diapers last night/this morning, so I called to get an apt with our gp. She was full, and told me to get my butt to the Urgent Care at the local hospital. Everything was fine until the doctor pulled on gloves. I've NEVER had a care provider even attempt to retract my son, so I was totally unprepared, but I did say, as he touched ds penis, "Please don't retract him. Stop. No! Stop! Don't do that!" and physically removing the Dr's hands from my son's body STILL resulted in retraction". I actually held it together really well while dealing with the doctor. He pushed aside my arm after I removed his hands from ds's penis, while I continued to say "No!". I feel pretty crummy that I didn't just pick the kid up and refuse access entirely. I did afterwards tell him that I was very upset that he completely ignored my request/refusal. He told me it was just part of the exam. I told him that it doesn't matter; if I decline to have any exam or procedure done that needs to be respected. I stopped a nurse afterwards to get the Dr's name, and she was super awesome. I totally lost it and was bawling all over the place and she felt terrible and told me that she had heard the whole thing and the doc should never have done what he did and was there anything she could do to help, bla, bla. She really encouraged me to make a formal complaint. I was going to anyway, but nice to hear that she didn't think I was nuts. The doctor clearly did. 

He asked me why I was upset about the retraction, and I was so upset that all I could get out was a lame, "It's supposed to happen on it's own when he's older!! You could cause adhesions!" I'm really mad that there's nothing I can do to undo this, but at the least I would like to find a recent, peer-reviewed, medical study or something along those lines (current curriculum?) to print out and drop off. He's one of only three physicians who work at this clinic, and I shudder to think of him doing this to other people. Obviously verbalizing and even physically removing hands is not enough to stop him. 

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that's all I can find right now.


I hope you feel empowered to file a complaint.



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Sadly, we still have a number of uninformed doctors in Canada who are ignorant of the normal form and function of a foreskin.  I am a bit surprised that you encountered this kind of attitude in the maritimes where intact is almost universal and circumcision rare. You might find what you are looking for at www.cirp.org/library/normal/  .  There are many references in the appendix at the end.  Incidentaly, that website was put together by a gentleman in Calgary.  The Canadian Pediatric Society has a position paper at http://www.cps.ca/english/statements/fn/fn96-01.htm  which may be helpful, although I find the information dated and I do not agree with some of the statements made.

I really hope you do file a complaint. as like you say, this man has and will continue to damage countless little boys.

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