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Most used toys by 4 yo?

Poll Results: Most play value for 4 year odl?

Poll expired: Aug 16, 2011 This is a multiple choice poll
  • 11% (4)
  • 48% (17)
    figurines (e.g., Playmobil)
  • 2% (1)
  • 31% (11)
    dress up clothes (for role playing)
  • 5% (2)
    board/card games
35 Total Votes  
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I am thinking of bday presents for DD, who turns 4 in August.  What do your kids (4+) use most?

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My son is 6 and my daughter is 2, and they both play with Legos on a regular basis, of all different sizes (the big Quatro, Duplo for toddlers, and the regular small size).

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My DD1 is 4y10mo.  Her most used toys are small figures (doll house dolls, gnomes, Schleich animals, etc), kitchen stuff, kid furniture (table, chairs, stools, baskets for storing toys, etc get turned into all sorts of things), and she's just getting really into dress up, so silks, princess dresses, slippers, etc.  She also loves bags of all sizes and shapes, which she packs up all the time.  Books are also used daily, and she's getting more and more into blocks of all types.

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We have a HUGE number of Legos (mine and my brother's) and other construction things (Lincoln Logs, Tinkertoys, unit blocks, Magnatiles), plus a HUGE number of books (e.g., I have bought her 156 in 2011), plus we take out 15+ a week from the library.  All good suggestions, but I think we've got those covered.

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I have four year old twins.

My kids don't really like puzzles. They do them once, and then they're done, and they never touch it again. But they love stuff like Playmobile-- we have a few sets of that, and similar stuff, plus they still play with the toddler sets like Little People. Dress up clothes are always a real hit, too, especially if they're things the kids can put on and take off without adult help.

I shy away from board and card games largely because without an adult involved, the pieces get lost and they wind up arguing. Those games really need me to play, and I can't always, and then they get upset with me. So I avoid the issue by keeping those games out of reach, and bringing them out only when I know I have undivided time to play.

Our most popular toys right now are big, oversized wooden blocks, Razor Junior scooters, and the Playmobile.
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I voted dress up clothes, but legos and k-nex are the toys that have been the most used throughout dd's life.

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well, my 4 year old dd loves all those things, but probably plays most with puzzles and figurines the most (out of the ones you mentioned).


also loves things to build with (legos, tinker toys, citiblocks, etc).  she also loves to just run around outside, play tag, ride her bike.  her pretend food is a big hit as well.  loves to set them all up and play store.

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Some of my dd's favorite toys include books, Leapfrog Explorer, Legos, Barbies/dolls, puzzles, crafts (Playdoh, finger paints, coloring, et cetera).

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Craft/painting/drawing supplies

Bike or scooter

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oh, and, of course, coloring/drawing/cutting/tracing.  how could i forget those?

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Ds will also be 4 in august

Balance bike
Gluing things to other things
Baby doll
Shovels mud water
Books books books
Dress up
Magnets (letters numbers figures)
He had a total blast with paper dolls at his friend's house last night
Dot to dot's
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None of the things in your poll.


DD (and DS when he was that age) really loves our Magna-Tiles. She could play with those forever. She also loves her KaZAM balance bike.

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Indoors --

We have several of the non-character Imaginext sets - they are definitely the most loved toys in our home. He also loves building: Duplos, Lincoln Logs, blocks, etc.


Outdoors --

He loves riding his bikes (one balance, one regular) and playing sports (soccer and baseball).

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Tutu, ballet shirt, Dolls, Doll stroller, Play dough, Water colors, Figurines, Moon sand, Bike, Preschool activity books


Not neccessarily in that order.

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blocks!  DS builds with his blocks every single day.  They are the one toy that have had the most longevity.  We have Village of Towers (http://www.amazon.com/Village-of-Towers-DD150-Wooden/dp/B00000IRMH) which is totally fabulous and has been played with for over two years now.  Plus M&D wood blocks and just got some locally made wood blocks as well.  LOVES them.  They become museums and stores and stages for his little plastic cats, apartment buildings with air conditioning, ice cream stands and more. 

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I didn't vote because I would have to select almost everything (except puppets).   

When my son turned 4, he was SUPER into puzzles and games.  He's six now, and still loves board games more than almost anything.  He still loves puzzles, too, though he's turned from mostly-jigsaw puzzles to mostly-puzzle-books (mazes, word searches, word scrambles, et cetera).  He also really liked (still does) legos and small figures, but not quite like he loves games and puzzles.


My daughter is 4, and I would say she chooses to play with either dolls or art supplies about 90% of the time she's indoors (she spends a lot of time riding her bike outside, as well).  She likes dress-up clothes, too, but again--not by comparison to dolls and art stuff (markers, scissors, paper, glue, stickers, paint, glitter--all of it).  

If your 4-year-old doesn't have a bike or scooter, my kids both get a TON of use out of theirs, so that's an idea.

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Little animals
Art supplies
Wooden train set
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Oh, how could I have forgotten! My kids play with stuffed animals more than anything else. They do tons of stuff with them.
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I'd also put in a vote for play dough and art supplies.  VERY popular in our house

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