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Complete Bathroom Overhaul for $60

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Three weeks ago we had to evacuate our house due to flooding in our town and in less than 7 hours we moved everything from our 3200 square foot house out and into storage.  Because of the continued risk of flooding, we have not moved our belongings back in, but we are staying at our house with very limited items.  I have needed to occupy my time during all of this to keep my sanity so decided to redo my bathroom.  Because money is VERY tight right now (our basement is a total loss from ground seepage), I needed to do the remodel on the cheap! 


Here are the before and after pics and a price breakdown of the half bath remodel:

-Wall Paint (FREE, thanks to Ryan's parents)
-Floor Paint (FREE, leftovers from Luke's room)
-Polyurethane for floor (FREE, leftovers thanks to previous owners)
-Misc. Items from Hobby Lobby for floor ($10)
-Vanity Paint and Primer ($15)
-Brushes/Rollers ($10)
-Towels and Soap Dispenser ($25)
-Wall Decor (FREE, already had)














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Wow, great job!



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Thanks!  It was a great way to take my mind off river levels.  Now hopefully we are out of the woods and the river stays in its banks so we can move back into our house soon.


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may I ask what your floors were before you painted them? 


were they wood and did you do a paint/stencil job? they look great, btw, which is why i'm asking.


our vinyl in the back of the house (mudroom and bathroom) are in a sad, sad state. so sad. stained, really lumpy underneath, etc. I suspect it's either on really old (sunken) concrete or literally straight on the rock. I'm thinking of drawing it up and then seeing if I can concrete and polish the concrete back there (i like the look), but may need to soften it with paint. not sure though. Either way, it's always cold in old NZ bathrooms. :D


Looks awesome, btw! great job!

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The floor was an old piece of vinyl flooring.  It was a lot of work (priming, painting 2 coats, stenciling, and 3 coats of polyurethane).  Sadly, 3 days after I got the bathroom totally done, we were evacuated again and this time, the house flooded.  We are still not sure how bad it is, but from my understanding, the flood waters completely covered our house.  We won't be able to go back to our neighborhood until all the water is gone, which could be a few weeks.  I am so bummed.  We lost our $200,000 house and more than likely, it will be condemned because it was completely inundated.  Not sure where we will go from here.

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Your bathroom looked great and I am so sorry to hear about your house! We lost our house in the floods of '93. I was 11yo at the time, but my dad had built that house on his own. It is a hard thing to go through. I hope you had flood insurance. Thoughts and prayers with you and your family!

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