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FL mamas

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This is for Florida mom's who don't vax. When claiming the religious exemption for school.. I'm curious to know, what exactly did you have to go through to get this? I know you have to go up to the health department, but what else did you have to do? was it simply a matter of signing a paper.. or more a matter of writing a paper stating your religious reasoning for the exemption? Thank you

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All you had to do was fill out a form with your name, etc., and then they call you back and the nurse (I think it was a nurse anyway) has you sign a blue religious exemption form and then she signed and stamped it. She did not ask any questions and in FL it is illegal for them to ask any questions about religion. I cannot attach a copy of the form here for some reason. I will try to send it to you via PM. 

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"The DH 681 is issued ONLY by county health departments and ONLY for a child who is not immunized because of his/her family’s religious tenets or practices.  If a parent requests such an exemption, the county health department staff must use the current DH 681 Form, which has been signed by the parent affirming the written statement on the form that a religious conflict exists.  This form must be issued upon request.  No other information should be solicited from the parent or guardian.   


B. Completion of DH 681:   

The following information must be completed on the DH 681: 

1. The child's complete name, date of birth, and parent or guardian’s name.  

The child’s Social Security number (SS#) is optional.  The Florida SHOTS ID should be included, if known. 

2. Parent's (or guardian's) signature and date of signature. 

3. County health department stamp, signature of the county health department director/administrator or their authorized designee, and date the form is issued."

http://www.immunizeflorida.org/schoolguide.pdf (page 12)

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