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Miles David born June 17, 3.07 am

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Hi everyone, this is Smokering's DH, I think you call me. She asked me to post and let you know that our baby was born in the ungodly hours of Friday morning. Smokering started having contractions around 8 pm, and the labor seemed fairly established at about 12, maybe 12.30. We left for the birthing center at 1.30 am, and she spent some time in the pool, before feeling she should get out again. Not very long long after that she announced somewhat worriedly (because it was so quick) that she was pushing, and hopped back into the pool to stand while I held a wheat-bag against her tum. Then, before we all knew it, 9 lb and 6 ounces of baby had been born!


I'll let Smokering fill you in on whatever extra gory details you like to share when she gets back from the birthing center tomorrow. She and Miles are doing very well; he is feeding and sleeping well, so we're not as tired as we were with Rowan (plus of course Smokering isn't nearly as exhausted since the labor was much shorter).





ETA: I finally got around to posting my birth story and a few photos, So if you want to read a version of the above, but about forty times longer, here you go. :p

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Congratulations! joy.gif

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Yay!! Congrats!! Welcome Miles!joy.gif
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Congrats guys!! joy.gif

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Enjoy this time, mama and papa!

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Congratulations! Welcome baby Miles!

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awww !!! yay! congrats!

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YAY!! Congrats Smokering! Your husband is as funny as you are. :) 

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Hooray! Congratulations to proud mama & papa.

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Huge congrats!!
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Hooray!!! Big congratulations!!! :):):)

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Congrats!!! :) Yay for all these babies :)

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YAY!! Great Job Smokering! Welcome Miles!

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Awesome fast labor! Congratulations!!

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Oh yay!  I was looking for this announcement!  So thankful to hear of a wonderful birth.  I can't wait to see pictures and hear more of the story!  Welcome, Baby Miles!   I will be praying for a terrific PP for the whole family!

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Woohooooo!  Welcome to this world, baby Miles.  joy.gif

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Yay, Smokering!!!  You named him Miles after all!! Love it!!  Congratulations all around!!

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Whew! Just got home from the birth centre (after an almighty tussle with the carseat...). Will write up my birth story at some stage, but right now I'm felling more inclined to sleep before Mum brings Miles' very enthusiastic big sister home from church. Seriously, the kid does NOT get sick of holding him. And she's used the words "cute" and "squishy" about 4000 times in the past two days...


Anyway, yus, briefly: the birth was quick and intense, I lost over a litre of blood delivering the placenta, no tears (yay!), delivered standing up (not what I planned to do, but hey - 9 pounds 6, about 6 pushes and not even a skid mark, can't argue with that!), Miles is pretty chilled out and very cute, and... afterpains really aren't much fun, are they? Yup. Oh, and my birthing centre does a pretty good vanilla milkshake.

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