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Annabelle Gladys, [NOW WITH STORY + PIC]

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My first baby, Annabelle Gladys, was born today after 11.5 hours of active labour. She weighs 7lbs 14oz and is very healthy. I laboured drug free until I hit transition and began suffering, rather than just enduring the pain. I am disappointed that I couldn't go all the way, but I'm proud that I got as far as I did, with two doses of Fentanyl and occasional use of 'laughing gas' after hitting 8cm.

Pics and story to come!
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Congrats!!! Welcome Annabelle!
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Congratulations to you!

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Congratulations mama! Welcome baby Annabelle!

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Yay, you did it! Congratulations and welcome to the Mommy Club! And welcome to your little Annabelle. Enjoy your babymoon. :)  (And see, you weren't pregnant forever! Although I know at the end it really feels like you will be. :)  )

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Yay! Congratulations!

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Congratulations mama, you did it!! Welcome to motherhood and welcome little one. joy.gif
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Congratulations Spinnerette! Can't wait to join the first time mama club with you :):):):)

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Congrats :) and welcome baby!  You're a mom now :D 

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Congratulations!!! So happy for you!

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Congratulations, awesome job!!

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Congratulations! joy.gif

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Yay!!!  joy.gif  Congratulations on your baby, Annabelle!!

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Congratulations!  You are an awesome mama!  Don't beat yourself up about any choices you made, especially while in transition, haha!  Be kind to yourself.  So happy to hear your lovely baby girl is here!  Enjoy her sweetness!  smile.gif

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Annabelle’s birth story

I woke up June 17th (6 days after my due date) at 7am with intense pressure just under my ribcage - like the muscle soreness you’d get from doing too many crunches. I could not get comfortable. The pressure intensified in waves, but never would go away completely in between. I had loose stools and intense nausea. I texted Alex that whether this was labour or not, he had to come home and take me to the hospital.

We got to the hospital around 9am and I had a non-stress test done. I was having regular contractions around ten minutes apart, with constant pain in between. Labour! The doctor ruptured my membranes at 10:30am after checking me at about 5cm and I instantly felt so much better. Contractions were still coming, and becoming more intense, but there was no constant pressure in between them anymore. I spent about 40 minutes in a nice hot shower spraying water over my belly and back, concentrating on what it was that I had to do in the coming hours.

To keep labour going nice and strong, I bounced on a ball, sucked hard candies, took a short walk through the halls and kept moving. The staff did intermittent exterior fetal monitoring, which made me really happy and ensured I stayed mobile. Most of the day passed by quite quickly.

Things were getting really intense between 3pm and 4pm, and I decided to have another shower. The hot water, and the confinement to the chair in the shower stall was torment. There was no relief to be had anymore, and I started to lose my cool. Up until this point, I had avoided any drug, and endured. I just couldn’t anymore. Annabelle was occiput posterior and using the birth ball and having Alex apply counterpressure to my back wasn’t helping me at all. I was getting scared.

The nurse offered me up to two doses of Fentanyl for the duration of the labour - any more than that could have had adverse effects on the baby. I asked her to check me, and I was at 8cm - transition. I caved and gave up the 100% natural I birth I desperately wanted, but I’m proud of myself for making it that far. After 4 failed attempts at starting a hep-lock for administration of the Fentanyl and for a possible emergency IV, I was losing my mind. The Fentanyl gave me some relief between contractions, but didn’t do much at all for the real pain. When my second and last dose of Fentanyl wore off I started inhaling laughing gas. I honestly might as well have been breathing into a paper bag for all the good it did me.

I sat for a long time at 10cm with a small anterior cervical lip that wasn’t going anywhere despite the hip circles and bouncing on the birthing ball, leaning forward during contractions, or trying to sit on the toilet to get my body to relax enough to have her descend past it. All I could do was scream. The nurse manually moved it, and it was time to push.

I needed her out NOW. Her cord was wrapped around her neck and I was having a lot of trouble pushing her out because she was occiput posterior. Her heartrate dropped to 80, not just during contractions and the doctor strongly recommended vacuum assisted pushing. Feeling her body move through mine was surreal and before I knew it, she was in front of me.

Quiet and alert, Annabelle Gladys was born at 6:41pm, weighing 7lbs 14oz, 18.8” long.

We’re picking up this nursing thing pretty well, and I’m recovering. We’re all doing great and were discharged less than 24 hours after the birth. It’s good to be home.




. 252446_122700601148404_100002253934057_189846_6474920_n


I love everything about her. She is my heart.



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She is beautiful just like her mama!  Great job!!

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You and your baby girl are just radiant. How sweet is first time mamahood! Be proud of yourself because you did a fantastic job! 

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What a beautiful girl!  You made it to the other side, now it's time to bask in the glow... thanks for the story.

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