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Where do you get the time?

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Hi Single Parents.  I'm single too and don't know any other single parents so I am very excited to be able to reach out to you.


So here is my first request for expert opinions!


How do you have any time to even pee?  Any tips?  

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Well I am fortunate that I can find time to pee and take a shower and things like that. But I never seem to find time to do housework or keep up with the yard and consequently I always feel overwhelmed by the house. greensad.gif


How old are your kids?

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I get to pee....but, its usually with someone outside the door saying they have to go too


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My son is 2 and I am showering and peeing with doors open. :)   And I'm on the computer while he's sleeping.  Although, he's starting to sleep less, so I'm getting less done.  I just have to laugh at myself right now. 

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I totally feel you. :) But the good news is that you're just a few months away from things getting a whole hell of a lot easier. I found that my kiddo needed less of the constant attention by about two and a half, and it keeps getting easier from there. That young toddler period can be so challenging, especially for single parents.

For me, what's been so helpful has been building a community. I'm lucky in that I live in a walkable area of town, I have pretty deep roots here, and a lot of my other friends have kids. A couple are also single moms. We swap babysitting, cook dinner together, that kind of thing. Having that supportive community makes all the difference in the world. Have you looked around for any kind of parenting groups in your area? It can be so nice to connect with other like-minded parents, for the moral support and also for the tangible support.

MDC is a pretty awesome community as well. :)


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lol yeah I don't know.  I constantly feel stressed trying to juggle everythig.  I have two (2 yr and 5 yr).  Half the time I feel like I get nothing done, and if I work on stuff getting done I feel like I'm not giving them enough attention.  Wish I had an answer for you.  I just hope as they grow it'll get a bit easier! lol

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As they get older things do get better. I'm a single mom of 4 and my oldest is 16. I'm so excited that he's getting his driver's license in a few months. I remember the times of little hands under the door while I tried to pee. Believe me the time flies by and before you know it you wonder where it went. That's really all I can tell you. It gets easier. You develop routines and ways to deal.

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Thanks for all the replies.  I guess what I really needed is to see that I'm not the only (crazy) one ;)

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Oh, heck, no,  you're not the only one!  I literally CANNOT remember the last time I made a meal that was not cooked with the microwave or crockpot.

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