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Why does my dog eat bees?

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My border collie/retriever mix thinks it's a ton of fun to catch and eat bees.  Why?  Do the bees taste good to dogs?  Is it dangerous to him in any way?  He doesn't appear to be getting stung.



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I have an old lab mix dog,and he does the same. I think last year he got stung a few times getting close to a yellow jacket nest. I give him antihistamine in some cheese or meat to reduce swelling and reactions.

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How bizarre, I've never heard of a dog doing that. 

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My dog catches and eats flies. It is super handy in the house. :-)
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If he doesn't seem to be getting stung, I don't see what harm it is doing.  My dogs LOVE May Beetles and Cicadas.  They eat them like candy.  lol  I think bugs just taste good to them. 

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Thanks for all the replies.  I guess some dogs just like to eat bugs! 

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My girl thinks she's a big hunter and loves catching bugs.  They either don't sting her or she doesn't mind it.

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I have a bee/fly catcher lab myself, she's silly but I praise her for catching flies in the house. I think she's been stung by bees a few times, as she's yelped some after catching them but I guess she's not allergic bc she never has any reactions. One of my other labs catches flies but not bees. I figure it's their instinct to try to catch things that shouldn't be there, like squirrels and stuff.

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My Great Pyrenees mix is a bug-catcher. She got stung last month and her tongue swelled so much we had to take her to the vet ER. She had an antihistamine injection, prednisone injection and tramadol injection. She was then on oral antihistamine and tramadol for 3 days. They said if she gets stung again to give her benedryl immediately and watch her. I mentioned an epi-pen, but the vet said she's never heard of an anaphylactic bee allergy in dogs, but did have a case where a dog got stung in the throat and it swelled shut. They had to do an emergency trach, but the dog was fine in the end. I definitely worry more about bee stings with my pup now.

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Yikes, Doodlebugsmom, that is scary!  I assume my dog isn't getting stung because there is no swelling or inflammation.  Sometimes, he grimaces when he catches a bee, but not every time.  He does have allergies to other things, so I will keep observing him carefully when he's hunting bees.


Also, he like to catch flies in the house, which I agree is very helpful :)  He will catch spiders as well, but he doesn't seem to like to.  He's compelled to chase and catch anything that moves, but I don't think he likes the feeling of bugs crawling around in his mouth!  He sometimes makes a "yuck" face when he's caught something particularly creepy-crawly, and will spit it out. 


Thanks again for all the replies!!

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Insects of all kinds contain a lot of vitamins including high levels of protein and iron. So much so that a small amount of some insects can be compared to, and even sometimes more nutritious, than beef or fish.

Maybe your pooch is just having some fun and maybe searching for some extra protein?


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