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In high school I had a freak accident dealing with a lawn mower. I had my friend in my car passenger side (window down) and I pulled up to a stop sign. In the yard beside the stop sign a city worker was mowing and the mower threw a small rock. And of all the luck that rock hit my friend in the eye! She just said ouch and closed her eye. I asked to see it and I about flipped out! It punctured her pupil and the black part ran into the blue iris. She just want me to take her home and I said OH NO. They had to heliocoptor her out to a bigger city so she wouldn't lose the fluid from her eye. I was really mad b/c the hospital would even take her in until they got a hold of her parents! Ruined our friendship :( Her parents didn't have insurance to cover the hospital so they sued my parents insurance company.  Than my insurance sued the city because the mower didn't have a good guard. Luckily she didn't lose the eye but she had to wear a contact in the one eye and the pupil wasn't the same :(  I still feel bad today even though it wasn't my fault. I did learn a lesson about insurance though. Your are responsible for who ever is in your car so remember that if you have teenagers wanting to borrow your car! Also if your insurance isn't enough to cover the get get sued. Lovely lessons in life.