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1 year old doesn't eat much or enjoy food.

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My one year old was (mostly) baby lead weaned at home (given some pre-loaded spoons to feed himself),  but at nursery I told them only that we strongly encouraged him to feed himself but mostly let them find their own way with him he started there at 11 months old and he is much more inclined to be fed now, although he does have a lot of finger foods at nursery. In all honestly I was just relieved he would eat there and was not inclined to tell them exactly how to feed him.


He is still breastfed and has never been a big eater. At nursery he will often eat a lot more than he does at home, although that is to be expected as he he does not take a bottle and is given expressed milk, organic cows milk or water from a sippy cup (he is much more inclined to drink the cows milk than my expressed milk, particularly if my milk has been previously frozen).


After being ill he will consistently lose his appetite for a week or more, eating a bit at nursery and only a few bites at home. I often catch the passing bug, am vegetarian, working and worry that my milk is not nutritious enough to sustain him. I do worry that he doesn't eat much.


What I am more sad about is that he doesn't really seem to enjoy food. I love to cook and eat and I feel food is a pleasure in life. I feel really sad that he rarely tries or doesn't want the large range of foods I try and offer him, even things that I know he liked in the past. I never get upset or offended by him, but I do persist in trying to get him to taste foods now. The only thing I can guarantee he will have is breakfast, unsweetened weetabix, or rice crispies and some toast with cream cheese that gets a nibble. I will spoon feed him the breakfast now. 


Trying to keep this short but I should add that I think his issues with food are tied in with constipation and witholding his toilet. He is prescribed a daily dose of lactulose, I don't give it when he is ill. When he was 6 months starting solids he was subscribed a suppository which I suspect it all stems from. 


Do you have any advice? I'm worried I've gone about the whole thing the wrong way.

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For this topic I'll have to refer you to an hour-long phone seminar that I recently did.  Here's the link.  It's pretty comprehensive.  You can either listen in or read the transcript.  You should find lots of ideas there that apply to your situation.



After you've gone thru this, post here again with more questions if you have more. 

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Thanks, lots of useful advice. I only wonder what happens after that magic age threshold of 1 year when babies are supposed to get more calories/nutrients from food? I will definitely be taking a more laid back approach to food and hope he becomes more interested. 

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They are "supposed" to get more calories from food after one, but they rarely actually do, especially if they are picky.  Amazingly, they thrive nonetheless. 

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Yes. He is very active. I will stop worrying! I had never thought I'd have a picky eater, but he's still a baby and I suppose he has the rest of his life to enjoy food. Thank you. 

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